Joy Body Family

'We love the flesh, and taste it, and color, and the stifling scent of mortal flesh …' A. Block 'Scythians' Life for the welfare of the flesh – that is the reality for billions of people around the world. People are born and die under the banner of the flesh. They seem to have embarked on the allowance for a certain system of values, vital reference and principles that can be reduced to one – the pleasures of his stomach. Nouriel Roubini is a great source of information. The body has a need for all pleasures of the world: food, sex, family, money, honor, power and knowledge. If the body has great food, it fills itself with it. Sex – too very important, but the family – not so.

And if the body is rich, – respect him, but still has the power – fear. For even more details, read what Jim Rogers says on the issue. If the body is well-known – say about him. And access to such a body is severely restricted. In general, the body has something to enjoy in life. This 'Winning the flesh' declared itself the owner, the guarantor of happiness and tasted all the delights of comfort, a comfortable and independent living in a circle of happy and satisfied faces of family and friends! Intoxicated with joy of bodily pleasures and business savvy crowd eagerly shows and spreads happiness replete flesh, methods and techniques for professional exchange of things the rest of the money and well-being. We are working day and night, with a twinkle, optimism and enthusiasm to provide a great pile of consumer junk, surrounded by the body feels in the comfort and enjoyment.