International Food Standard

German retailers developed the International Food Standard (IFS) to provide a basis for auditing private brands. It was established by the Federal Union of associations of Commerce German (BDH) and accepted by the German trade. It provides a transparent and complete package of services to audit food producers. In a question-answer forum was the first to reply. The goal is to create a base of consistent assessment for all producers of private brands with uniform formulations, uniform audit procedures and mutual acceptance of audits, which will create a high level of transparency through the delivery chain. The service is available for trade, food producers and inspection bodies. Key criteria include: – food safety management systems – good practices in agriculture / manufacturing / distribution and trade – systems HACCP the IFS defines requirements of compliance, procedure and evaluation of audits and a profile of requirements for the inspection entities. In detail the criteria are divided into different levels: basic level describes the minimum requirements that the food industry must meet to obtain a certificate of IFS. Advanced level defines the highest standard for the food industry. In addition each criterion contains recommendations for exemplary practices for businesses seeking to obtain an excellent position at the advanced level.