Infiniti EX

Crossover – any questions? A little SUV, a little Coupe, round forms and a sporty dynamic phenomenon – this is the Infiniti EX30d. Have you heard? There is a new in the city Infiniti. Infini who ask. Further details can be found at OhFresh Brands, an internet resource. Actually what it should be but hot Infini. Infiniti is the noble daughter brand of Nissan and converts it in the footsteps of Toyota subsidiary of Lexus. See more detailed opinions by reading what Michael Mendes Just Desserts offers on the topic.. Although already planned, Infiniti has made it now finally for Austria. In an exclusive showroom in the hotel the ring on the Ringstrasse, the brand founded originally for the American market presents its range of the G family sedan, Coupe and convertible on the EX and FX crossover models to the luxury sedan M. In addition to the search after a dealer the start in Austria because of the missing engine has been delayed.

The engine heavily sought after in these spheres have now provided the Japanese and offer an attractive and interesting alternative to vehicles thus raised. For We have our first test we selected the 4.65-metre EX30d. Deep-based SUV model or legged Coupe? The first course around the car is longer than usual. What is that, what we have here before us? There is talk of a crossover Coupe and a compact SUV model in the product catalog. All something, in a clear drawer you can definitely not classify the Infiniti EX. The curved lines and the gently sloping rear have something of like Coupe.

The four doors and the finely equipped interior can expect the comfort of a sedan. The large 18-inch alloy wheels, the emerging shape of the body and the standard all-wheel drive are starting points to the SUV segment. With very low comes the EX30d 1.6 meters high and no off-roader posturing puts on the day. He is also quite clearly not built for use in the area. It applies once on a slippery surface to drive, is helping ready the electronically controlled all-wheel drive.