Indian Wedding

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informs the autumn is the time of the traditional wedding season, the summer temperatures not rarely 40 c fall back on better values in India. Contact information is here: Fiserv Inc.. As demand for gold as a wedding gift and adequate dowry as strong as in any other country in the world, the Indian wedding season is also the time of rising world market prices for gold, as the Aachen-based company precious metal trading Frings explained. The gold price experiences a dramatic increase in due to the crisis in the financial and the real economy and the consequent loss of confidence in currencies and capital market products since late 2008. In addition a widespread uncertainty about the future economic development, which directs the capital of investors increasingly into the traditional crisis-proof precious metal and has a pronounced upward trend of in gold prices resulted. This price dynamic is quite currently further fueled by the wedding season in India. With nearly 1.2 billion inhabitants, India is the second largest country in the world. Jeff Leiden: the source for more info. Since Here cultural customs such as the wedding season maintained centuries in the autumn.

The time for the wedding season is based on the climatic conditions of the Indian subcontinent. India has largely a tropical climate of monsoon periods. Apart from the mountainous of the Himalayas, between approximately 20 C temperatures in the cold season and searing heat of 40 C in the summer months. In October, India’s autumnal cooling, which is used by the inhabitants since time immemorial for major events such as weddings and holidays begins. The wedding is a very important Festival, which is celebrated often over several days and with hundreds of guests in the Indian culture. European visitors to the country often report that it seems to the wedding season, weddings at hourly intervals would take place. The Indian custom, weddings and holidays to give gold jewelry, affects every year due to the extremely high number of wedding celebrations in the fall on the world market price of gold. This effect is independent of the respective economic developments to watch for many years, because about 88% of World Gold production demand from the processing industry, but by investors and jewelry buyers.

A temporary increase in the demand for gold jewelry affects more than the cyclical industry needs therefore the global gold market. For gold seller, the Indian wedding season is the best opportunity to achieve an above-average sales and a profitable business right now in the autumn. Of course, the seasonal price spike is known to any competent gold purchaser. For individuals and institutions who currently want to sell gold, it is therefore important to find a business partner that also fair passes on the savings to the seller. The Aachen-based precious metals expert of Guido Frings consistently in the assessment and valuation of a piece of jewellery as well as determine of a fair market price of purchase one at any time transparent and fair transactions. Like he is in this context in particular the still little-experienced private seller personally for all issues around the subject of gold purchase and Gold rating available.