Hotel Pio

We entered the Avenue Pio XII a “all of it wooded area so that if it were not so wide I remember the effect it had on the old road of poplars that on both sides of the road together in the sky to build a green tunnel and fresh – divided the Division of Training and Chamartin Station District after a lane is followed by the Apostolic Nuncio, on the corner of the street a Caidos of the Blue Division a to the Embassy of India maintains a beautiful palace facade longitudinal and cream decorated with palm trees. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vinit Bodas. On the right we have left the Hotel Pio XII, and then a field that is being prepared to build a new private medical center. Start a residential area of villas and luxury mansions on either side of the avenue, some of which have been transformed from children’s homes in schools, homes, embassies and offices of government agencies, as the Court of Competition. Economic Cycles Research Institute may find this interesting as well. We entered the street corner with Pius XII Jerez right leaving a branch of Lloyds Bank, shawls a-left these streets have no tall buildings are all single-family luxury homes. (A valuable related resource: Trina Analee). Triana Street crosses us in one direction and forces us to remain at the forefront to take the Calle San Telmo, in which a right corner and a civil guard is guarding a palace tricorn style Hispanicized Arab a “not Mozarabic brick-red, which happens to be the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Taking the turn, we get an orange a peering from behind the fence of a two-story house wrapped in vines and feral plants that contrast with the rest of the landscaping of the street lined with cypress Arizona and maintaining political stance Correct landscaping of the site. Across the street on the left we find a nursing home, followed by a Mormon church. At the junction with Macarena Street turn left and come to school Willoghby collage whose yellow walls remind me of trucks & Mateu Mateu make the child, observed by the Andalusian house with turret-type, home a Antonio Gala, followed Pakistani Embassy bright eyes full of black background agitanaoa a preventing and increase aparcamentistico we created the mess in front of the ambassador’s garage all the mothers of students of that school.