Highest Reason

The man can follow any of the major paths available in their search for the truth. Among them, the more marked this are religion, art and science. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chevron Corp. Each has its own well determiinadas contributions to make. Their differences arise purely from their different ways of approaching the truth. In the last three centuries, science has become one of the paths cleared for meijor intellectual understanding, something that religion requires the highest degree.

The scientists also neceisitan, like all men, to value the emotional and spiritual life, which should be interested in the same extent as their non-scientists. The scientist, like the artist and mystic, is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. The methods of science are proposed distilled realities of human experience, primarily through mental processes, and are designed to separate the effects of emotion from reason. However, any good scientist should recognize the reality and the importance of both emotion and reason To do science, relies on logic, but also in the insipiracion, intuition, faith, love and beauty other specific gear. The current state of technological progress resulting from the science, be very important for the world, it is much less than the intellectual and spiritual progress that science can help accelerate. Wisdom comes from a balanced knowledge and scientific methods that not only increase knowledge but to help the persecution of the equilibrium con-science is helping humanity to develop intellectual honesitidad, learn to see the truth with objectivity and reduce prejudices only after weighing the facts of observation.