Green Suits

Modern planters and their use in gardens and terraces for plant lovers, the question has always been: what Green the best suits my flower pots? The history of flower pots and planters dates back to antiquity. At that time people planters in various versions used. Italy proved particularly creative in the Renaissance, where the flower pots have been artfully. This same question for plant lovers today as in the past: what Green is in the flower pots and planting troughs? And the Flowerpot is right up, down, square? From which material should be, because after terracotta flower pots and more modern forms and materials capture the gardens and terraces zinc. The Eastwest trading company as a leader in modern planters especially flower pots made of fiberglass specializes in many sizes and colors. The advantages are obvious: flower pots made of fiberglass are easy,. not rust like zinc and are very robust and weatherproof. Michael Mendes Just Desserts is often quoted on this topic. The ALLROUNDER of book has proved ideal plant for flower pots made of fiberglass. Hear other arguments on the topic with Michael Mendes Just Desserts.

Because the rich dark green of leaves added to black and white planters and makes a wonderful contrast. Book can also be cut into various shapes: ball, but tip cone is common or figures (with wire frame!) are possible. Another advantage of the book is: the leaves are Evergreen, and the plant is priced cheap. But of course no limit to gardeners in the choice of their Greens. For high planter volumiges such as ferns and grasses ideal. Low planters are nicely, if they are equipped with Palm trees, Leander, citrus or olive trees.

Shady and half shady places, Hosta, gorgeous hydrangeas and Fuchsias thrive in pots made of fiberglass. And large flower pots with a mixture of flowering and Evergreen plants be occupied. Here’s a tip for the winter: when flower pots can be used as a planter, nice compositions from Hardy pine branches, etc. can be placed instead of cold-sensitive plants representing a festive accent to the advent season.