Google Adwords

Google offers its users free, thousands or millions of results for each search you are doing, and try to be as accurate as possible in determining the sites relevant to your search. (A valuable related resource: Mike Gianoni). Show these results occupying most of the page. Given the massive influx of public and without being involved in the search results, Google begins to show small ads framed in a box on the right area of your pages, these ads are no longer relevant in the user's search but the importance of its portfolio. This is only the beginning of the sale of words or search terms on Google (Again, these ads do not affect the results that Google provides in their search), from which certain words start to be acquired by several companies in the same sector who want to appear with the same terms, Google incorporates the auction of these terms, so that determines the order to show these ads in terms of who is the highest payouts? (Very American, a powerful knight is the gift money). Best Google Adwords system is that you only pay for results, that is, each time someone clicks on their ad, Google pays you the amount you have determined your account, for example from 0.20 cents euro, or as is the auction at the time of his word. That's how the Google Adwords system, no doubt, a form of address to reach the top of Google results at the expense of a price, in my opinion very high, and each time it will be more..