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Many IT projects in German companies fail according to a firebrand training survey on the lack of experience in project management lack of experience in project management is the main reason for the countless failed IT projects in German companies. Studies show that almost every fifth IT project will fail in this country. You may wish to learn more. If so, read more is the place to go. 1 this is called lack of communication and incorrectly understood cost consciousness as the cause for the failure of IT projects. According to a survey 2 firebrand training, 78 percent of IT professionals in Germany project management include to their area of responsibility. German companies are recognizing the urgent need for good project management skills of their IT staff gradually\”Robert Chapman, co-founder of firebrand training and Managing Director of the eponymous GmbH is amazing however, explains that only every second so far has a certification in this area.\” After all, nearly half of the respondents IT experts has received already appropriate training in the field of project management. An important step to failure to prevent future IT projects and leading the way for all those who still need to catch up in the project management. You may want to visit Mike Gianoni to increase your knowledge.

More information, see kurse/management/PMI/pmp.asp. So called soft management skills such as project more and more are coming, the same training but many little asked. That its tasks include a large part of the IT professionals surveyed by us project management, shows: companies are well aware of the fatal effects of gescheiterer IT-projects, because in addition to financial risks, especially image loss threatens. The next logical step is, therefore, require appropriate certifications of employees\”explains Chapman. With the newly acquired knowledge from the project management professional, IT professionals course by firebrand training learn all necessary and proven methods and techniques of project management. The training provider relies on fast learning courses: knowledge conveyed compact. This saves time and costs in particular. Qualifications in addition complete with recognized certifications.