Fitness Association

Vivafit, network centres of exercise, physical health and well-being for women, in the person of its managing director, Pedro Ruiz, has taken part in the event held last week in Barcelona to publicly present the agreement to the General Secretariat of l L’esport de la Generalitat de Catalunya with the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) that has come. With a symbolic castell (traditional human tower), erected in the courtyard of the Museum of the sport of the Castellers de Barcelona, Generalitat de Catalunya representatives welcomed 40 high-level representatives of the employer’s European of the industry of health and fitness, on the occasion of the reception organized to present the agreement whereby some 7,000 Catalan fitness professionals will make theirs the EHFA standards on the levels of the European framework of Qualifications, to become members of the European register of professionals of the physical exercise. For Albert framework Zaurin, director general of the General Secretariat of l L’esport de la Generalitat of Catalonia, the catalan Government’s support to EHFA is not a regional or provincial initiative. It is a formal and institutional support of a national agency, which supports the motto of the EHFA: more people, more active, more often, who added: we are not only committed to increasing the level of physical exertion, which already has highly qualified professionals; You should also encourage these local to organize and create a Catalan Association of Fitness, to become Member of the EHFA structure. For its part, Harm Tegelaars, President of the EHFA, said that cooperation with the Generalitat de Catalunya, to develop the European register of exercise professionals in the region, will further boost the work of the employer’s European towards the defence of the principle of professionalism and level of qualification of this sector in Spain. Similar agreements are already very advanced seating conventions with sports authorities of Galicia and Valencia, and we hope that other Governments regional in Europe follow this example, what he wants is to get a healthy and active lifestyle to more citizens.