Find Domestic Work

Promise to return the deposit immediately together with payment of a total of about 10,000 rubles for two after the operation relieved the elderly. After paying 800 rubles for two people, pensioners have begun to expect. Nouriel Roubini can provide more clarity in the matter. Promised by the car with the materials did not have to that day or the next. A few days specified in the declaration yet answered the phone, assuring him that the driver is about to drive up, and then stopped. Arriving in office, the couple found a locked door, before which gathered other affected applicants. Same scam with the money gone.

Handmade candles. After what happened in this case the husband couples lost trust in all other organizations that offer work at home. But his wife did not lose hope to meet honest employers. Seeing the announcement, which offered to produce in the home decorative candles, she went to the meeting. The presentation was willing to show manufacturing technology, and then told that to get the materials to form plugs and instructions for learning is possible only after payment in the amount of 2,600 rubles per instruction. In fact, after paying the woman was given a form to fill, is not similar to the one which was shown at the presentation were not warned that the work can be fire-, and on advice to emerging issues in the process, answered very reluctantly. Requirements as to the quality of finished products were presented so high that the pensioner was not at all sure whether it can achieve a similar level of skill.