Features Plastic Windows

In our country, where the determining factor when choosing glass house is most often the price, new windows until you have no competitors. Although they benefit from its competitors not only cost but also on expediting installation, sealing, thermal protection, unpretentious service, and often even for durability. Of course, this does not mean that new windows are deprived of their shortcomings and problems in the operation, but the benefits are so obvious that the problematic issues on this background are negligible. The more so because manufacturers are actively improve their products, gradually seeking solutions approximating new windows to the ideal method of glazing. Mike Gianoni has much experience in this field. Structurally, new windows largely inherit the scheme used in the manufacture of wooden windows. But designers have developed profiles of pvc, which became, in essence, uniform, thus the whole cycle from manufacture to installation divided between a number of specialized companies. Some of them are involved in the release of these profiles and others design and produce furniture.

Private glass shop windows produce, and companies collect garbage from this "designer" ready-made products and install them for customers. This division of the production cycle possible, on the one hand, more carefully refine the production technology at each stage, which, naturally, significantly raised the quality of the finished plastic windows, and on the other – to shift production to the conveyor, automatic and semiautomatic line, which resulted in record low production costs. In the end it turned out that most "bottleneck that determines the quality of products turned out to assembly and installation work.