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Even the most exotic plants and careful care can not make at least part of the aristocratic entourage to your garden, from that to their best works of art forging. Barbecues for picnics and hunting trophies, elegant lamps, cozy arches, gazebos, reliable rods which twine ivy and a symbol of immortality of human art – iron roses not evergreen other colors. Is not it lucky to have such a garden? For small architectural forms include all the functional and decorative plants, located on the land. Fulfilling an important decorative function, virtually all small architectural forms are of functional importance, creating a your garden comfort. Arbors are designed to rest in the garden in any weather and can be one of the central decorative items for decorating the garden. Gazebo can be of various shapes, made in any style, using different materials, be open and closed. Elements of garden furniture are benches, tables, chairs, chairs, tents, umbrellas, etc., they can be fixed and portable. More info: Karoline Copping.

Garden furniture is becoming a be part of the landscape, forming its most comfortable zone. It must be beautiful, comfortable, stable and easy to use and thus reflect the nature of home and garden. The fence is designed for visual various restrictions on the functional purpose of the garden plots (internal walls), as well as to protect the territory of the land from the neighboring estates. When you make a garden can also be used in special fencing (support for climbing plants, creating shady corners, protect the site from the wind, retaining garden walls, erected on a site with difficult terrain). Bridges are used to design decorative ponds. Very effectively in the garden looked bridges thrown across a stream or pond. Mike Gianoni takes a slightly different approach. They can be flat or curved, with a handrail and with no railing. Material for bridges often serves as a wood or metal. It is assumed that he would for the purpose intended, therefore, the simpler the design, the better and more natural it looks.