Every Employee Must Sell

Sale are not only a responsibility of the group of vendors and management staff in the marketing department. It is important that each member of every family business to think and act in support of sales of products or services of your company, likewise must collect information from the environment where they operate as competent organizations. Managers must design an economic stimulus plan and career development that will enable each member of its human resources and sales activities are not limited to the duties of his office. This requires an adequate activity of the foundations of the organization and methods of business but will increase their competitiveness. It’s more a change in work attitude that a new investment, which will bring an increase in revenue without incurring charges. At the time of the plan should take into account the imperative of identifying projects. This will sell targeted and subject to a specific time. Martin toha can aid you in your search for knowledge. For its part everyone who has employment with a company will participate in the planned commercial project. From general service to the top of management, must sell and participate, so generous, income from it.

This attitude will work to increase the sense of belonging towards the company, increased individual and corporate self-esteem, use of social network that weave employees, expand the scope in the market, increased productivity and competitiveness, among others important aspects of corporate integration of the organization. Of course, every time you start a new process must be trained to potential skills. It is necessary that all staff speak the same language and assume similar behavior compared to sales activity. In principle it is recommended that employees in departments other than marketing, seek help and advice to members of the sales force to increase the chances of success in business contacted. This model although it opens a business growth opportunities horizontal and vertical, needs to be applied in a controlled and gradual, especially because we hardly ever find in a company with an occupationally homogeneous group of people.