Europe On Track In Poverty And The Bold Four – Renewable Means Of Payment

Europe on poverty and the bold four – course renewable means of payment the EU has currently 27 Member States of which are 3 Nations: Sweden, United Kingdom and Denmark of Monetary Union, the euro have not connected. This European Union is increasingly becoming a disintegrating “community”. This Federated States of solidarity among themselves, binding social standards and cohesion is lacking. A community of Nations and the people in it, can only make wanted and realized the humanitarian rationale on all democratic leveling. This principle does not exist in the European Union. Maybe there was when the founders to manifest the thoughts and also desire a community of States, in the sense of a democratic, federal system.

But that missed thoroughly. The EU today is a pure economic experiment that was also stuck with the euro. This glue, this currency is weak and porous disintegrates this fabric into pieces. On pure You can form no State structure economic contexts. This is just ridiculous when you consider – economy means power and power struggles, competition and rivalries, profit optimization and the daily struggle for profits. There is no place for solidarity and social standards in such an arena. No, the opposite takes place. It’s the daily struggle for economic survival.

In this battle there are no fixed rules, everyone is more or less even the next. It is solely to profit money, euros. The man is under the wheels of the machinery and serves only as a means to an end. He paid this fiasco of competition dictate loss of income, pension, pension cuts and hefty cuts in social services. Between the Member States, to stimulate its own economy, uncontrollable conditions in the labour market create wage dumping. The high levels of national debt, incurred in many attempts to consolidate the own economy through so-called fiscal stimulus, that benefit only the economy and their hunger for euros are the remainder of a series of more sinister things.