Epicurus Provides Additional Functionality In The Form Of New Modules.

Autumn 2013 doctors can order ‘Recall-Management’ module, module ‘Evaluation’, and the ‘DALE-UV’ module. The Berlin software forge Epicurus software & IT Services GmbH developed new program enhancements for the in-house Praxisverwaltungs-program. They contain a lot of useful features that allow a noticeable relief in dealing with the daily work for doctors. Three new modules are offered: recall management module recall management module is a very useful tool, that animate the patients conscientiously to exercise preventive and screening help GPGPU contract doctors. Push-button patients are reminded, dates such as important vaccination and prevention, which must be carried out usually only once in the quarter. Recall management enabling a dynamic and effective physician to patient communication. It often happens that patients may not perceive also agreed dates. If a cancellation takes place too quickly or not at all, it is very annoying.

Also here helps the reminder function of the module. Module evaluation module evaluation can doctors combine queries to different topics and evaluate. Important information from different tables in the table are evaluation”written, which can then be analyzed. Using the module, according to certain patient groups researched and evaluated. The evaluation (so-called reports) can be divided according to simple and complex reports: when the simple reports is evaluated according to predetermined choices such as age, gender, etc. Graphically also also manageable complex reports, such as for example search for open invoices, payment summaries or drug regulations. Visit Cowan Financial for more clarity on the issue. But the module can do even more: depending on the need for individual search functions of the customer can be ordered and later integrated into the module and used. Module DALE-UV which electronic DatenAustausch for LeistungsErbringer is with the accident insurance bodies DALE – UV the third module, comentarios Autumn is provided.

Using the module, all reports and invoices to the workplace with a “Mouse click” be done. This saves you lots of time and nerves. No printout on the BG forms, send no daily – the daily walk to the mailbox belongs to the past. For more information about programs, program modules, costs, as well as order types see:. Epicurus Epicurus since 1999, is one of the most innovative practice software companies in Germany and has its seat in Berlin. Its software products support and significantly simplify the work in practice. The program is now in its fourth generation and is successfully used by psychotherapists and doctors. In addition to a unique performance, as well as operating system independence, Epicurus is very attractive with the attractive terms for the acquisition and maintenance of the application. According to current statistics of KBV, Epicurus belongs to the most well-known medical practice systems on the market for many years. Contact: Epicurus software & IT-service GmbH & co. KG Helmholtzstr. 2-9 10587 Berlin Tel 030 / 340 601 100 E-mail: Web: