English Beer

Let us start from the price of a beer in the trading house “Bayros” as a distributor and one of the largest suppliers of imported beer in Moscow – it was through him the beer is delivered to the capital “beer boutiques. In England (and worldwide), the cost of a normal beer – 10-20 rubles. Undoubtedly, the cost of English beer is higher because more ingredients, and taxes in England do not give beer producers to sleep quietly. Take a strip of 20 rubles for the Hobgoblin, add a margin to the manufacturer and get a price tag on this brewery beer distributors in the region of 27-30 rubles (I already wanted in Albion). Next comes the difficult – Delivery of beer in Russia. If you believe the information on the official website TD Bayros, then delivery of beer in Russia they do, without intermediaries, major distributors, etc. From the UK the best “silk” way – England-Estonia-Russia, respectively, will be two types of transport.

To Estonia our box “float” by sea, then, from Estonia to Russia, he was taken by rail wagons, or (most likely – vans). Not We will not go into details of transportation, more importantly, that for every bottle “Goblin” Ships will not exceed 5 rubles, the Russian border, our bottle is worth 30-35 rubles. Upon entry into the territory of Russia, but rather, on the Russian customs.