Educational Techniques

Its constitution if gave with the Decree n 5,166 of 27/02/02, when it signed a contract of management with the Government of the State to execute the Plan of Educao Profissional (PEP). (Par, 1999). The Social Organization assumed, a priori, 11 located state schools in the diverse paraenses cities: Salvaterra, Thailand, Itaituba, Camet, Paragominas, Glad Mount, Marituba, Izabel Saint, Abaetetuba and Belm; being one in each one of previous cities and two in Belm: the Integrated College Francisco Da Silva Nunes and the School State Technique Cheap Magalhes (ETEMB). Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. However related contract it established the attendance of management for 18 schools. The 11 schools under responsibility of the Social Organization offered exclusively the regimen subsequente, that is, the vacant were only for pupils who had concluded average education. Posterior studies had proven the inefficiency of this only one form of offers of vacant, a time that if observed, year after year, the increasing amount of pupils that was outside of the classrooms not having the magnifying of the number of schools, the responsible managers could have inside thought about the magnifying of the vacant number of the institutions. However, it was not what it happened.

The precariousness picture where the OS-ETPP found the Schools Techniques under responsibility of the State very did not change after the beginning of its management. In what it refers to the infrastructure, more specifically the disponibilizados materials of consumption, mainly those destined to the development of the developed practical lessons in the laboratories of the courses or the periods of training were, many times, scarce. In relation to the resume it is important to stand out that necessary constant became evaluation of the educational proposals gifts in the Projects Pedagogical Politicians, however was not what it happened. Moreover, the teaching personnel was capricious, a time that the professors were contracted as hourly employees, that is, in accordance with the horria load necessity you discipline of them curricular, when it was to give them in classroom, or amount of pupils, when it assumed the function of period of training supervisor and gained in accordance with the amount of pupils that took care of: the more pupils, more money received.