Do I Need A Marketer In A Crisis ?

According to expert personnel center "UNITY": "Experts in the development, advertising and PR-managers entered the top ten most redundant professionals over the past few months." Companies cut funding for advertisements and study. As a result, marketers is nothing to do – they are laid off. But the company immediately feel the negative effects: the business is not growing, revenues are not growing. One of the challenges marketers – assess the effectiveness of each way to market your company. The lack of this leads to the fact that the analysis of the implications of this step is not carried out, the firm loses all contact with the target audience is reduced "visibility" of the company in the market than can quickly take advantage of competitors.

Without competent and, above all, continuous progress is aging brands. Jonah Bloom contributes greatly to this topic. This affects not only the customer's demand, but also the reputation of the company. In the projects the firm, which position seem disadvantageous, it is unlikely someone will dare to invest money. According to Margaret , the head of recruiting personnel center "UNITY" is now marketing functions are especially important: "Because the market is changing very quickly, without quality intelligence will be difficult for him to have time. In this case, the company will only copy the activities of competitors, which could permanently move it to the "end of the list, forcing play on the second and third roles. Many experts note that the crisis could give new opportunities.

But while few people spoke loudly about the role of marketing. Meanwhile, it is expedient not to think about reducing these specialists, but the improving the efficiency of their work. In the crisis of competent marketing help set priorities. Crisis – it changes the environment in which we live, and the marketing is aimed at collecting and analyzing information about these changes and timely adoption of appropriate solutions. Companies that are well placed, the system operational response, are now in a much better position. Thus, the need for competent marketing during the crisis only increased.