Deirdre McEachern

I was a member of a group called women in business relationship (WIBC for short) in Cambridge, MA for about four years. We met for lunch meetings once a month. Last week at our December event several of the women told me how much he liked my bulletin. It is always nice to hear the details of courtesy, but one woman went further – she said it was like having a “Zen moment” in your email. (Thanks sable!) Your comment made me think. That’s exactly what I offer – Zen moments for my readers. I am by no means an expert on Zen, but I hope that reading my monthly messages might provide a moment to disengage temporarily from what I call the perpetual progress of the life grid.

My desire is to share with you a moment of reflection, appreciation and calm. So today, I will describe for you as I “release of the network”, for brief moments of time, at random intervals. I think it’s this short but consistent “Release” that keeps me fresh, creative and finally at peace. By sharing my techniques with you, I invite you to borrow, create or identify your account. I “release” of the pressures, desires, emotions, and the obligations of the grid Perpetual progress when: – I hear my dog Pitter-patter up the stairs to meet me in my office and I stop what I’m doing for a few minutes , pat your belly and thank him for coming to visit me. – I can take a break from work, drive to the city and have a coffee shop of my favorite independent coffee with my husband.

– I turn off my phone, ignore e-mail and happiness down to creative writing. – I take a moment to look out the window and watch the manner in which rain, snow or the sun reflecting off the glass at the moment just that. – I attend a yoga class and stretch my mind and gratitude both limbs to their full expression. – I take a deep breath and feel like to extend my abdomen. – I drive slowly and quietly. – I rhythmically clean my house, cook a meal, wrap a gift or do the dishes (yes, sometimes I like to feel the hot water and soap on your hands.) – I sit anywhere and see the world for a moment – people, trees and clouds … what is happening in front of me, from my point of view. – Singing (badly too, trust me). When I do these things I am temporarily “free floating” and my mind is at a level disconnected from the need to achieve. It is a place where small moments of joy in living. Maigre Deirdre McEachern is a personal trainer who helps clients experience more joy in their lives.