Consumer Protection Forum

Financial fraud of economic online scam forum before the end of the year, has there been a merger between three well-known forums. Snakecity, and Internetfahndung.NET have become one and the Forum now bears the name, GoMan US consumer protection forum. With this combination, the operator successfully hunts perpetrators go and targeted searches start. It is very important that an exchange of information there on the Web like GoMan. Other collaborations are planned with other financial forums.

GoMan operator Dr. G.von Hedden occurs in public as trustee and tells, that much more intense will proceed GoMan against online from Zocker. Contacts with US authorities and the LKA already exist. Public Prosecutor’s Office and German police investigating officials are carefully made on GoMan and be regularly notified by E-mail of current cases. Legally, the Forum is under US law, which must also be accepted during registration. Often, sounds with which the scammers themselves, alias name in the forums log in to learn how will be reported about it. GoMan puts an end to the! GoMan security system is programmed double registrations are no longer possible. IP addresses are stored after registration. GoMan is also no registrations with so-called way werf email addresses to these will be immediately blocked.