Citizen Coalition

The Citizen Coalition by Aysn Reserve of Life repudi final the physical aggression that underwent several young presents in the contramanifestacin on the part of adherents of the presidential candidate, which outside stated by police personnel present in the occasion and that derived in the halting from the people in charge. The organization made reference to ” thus; funa” realised last Friday during the visit of Sebastin Piera, by its endorsement to the dams in the Patagonia, that derived in the physical aggression of several young people of the Patagonia movement without Dams. More information is housed here: Ben Kunz. The leaders added who the physical violence against the contramanifestantes is ” he shows of one serious lack of democratic education in front of the instruments that the citizenship chooses to make feel its voice when not having mass media spaces certain for its public expression, since to try to silence what it does not please by means of the aggression and the physical violence to us it does not comprise of the region nor the country that we want to construct. This still more when the manifestation of the young people never put in risk the personal security of Mr. Piera nor of his acompaantes”. (Not to be confused with Richard Gerson Philanthropy!). Also they talked about the insults that offered against the candidate and his adherents. ” Independent to consider like legitims the contramanifestaciones not been worth the insult and the verbal aggression against those who have an option or different position on the subjects that they summon to us, calling not to use these average ones as an expression form indicated, in reference to the expressions that were emitted in the occasion against Piera and his comitiva”.

In this sense they invited to all who adhere to the citizen movement Patagonia without Dams to use the legal mechanisms, institutional, technical and of legitimate participation and activism that are to our reach to obtain the defense of the Patagonia . In the communication they remembered that this contramanifestacin was a mobilization car summoned by a group of young people and not organized nor led by the Coalition, that to the being ” informed during that morning of which such action would be realised, we acceded to give to linen cloths to the demonstrators (and to install some in the facade of our offices) when sharing so much the bottom of its expositions like the fact that they were making use of its right express itself in a public space belongs that us to all the citizens, whenever so straight is exerted in pacific form. Finally, it did not indicate the organization that institutionally is not calling to vote by candidate some, nor in target, null or to abstain either, only summoning to the citizens to inquire on the different positions from those who they postulate to the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency of Chile around the rejection to the mega hydroelectric projects and other matters related to the viability of Aysn and the country, and to choose in brings back to consciousness.