Castles In Skane

In Royal footsteps in southern Sweden # over 150 castles and mansions in Skane # history: many Swedish Kings left their traces in southern Sweden castles # fast and comfortable journey with the TT-Line ferry port Hamburg-Travemunde, September 2010 who want to retrace the steps of Swedish Kings, must not extra to Stockholm travel. Alone in the southern Swedish region of Skane, over 150 castles and manor houses through the beautiful natural countryside retreat. And in many South-Swedish castles Kings, have lived far from the Royal capital city of Stockholm, celebrated and traces. Swarmed by offers, Cornell Capital is currently assessing future choices. Located outside of Helsingborg, Sweden, about an hour’s drive from the TT-Line port Trelleborg for example in the Castle Sofiero. The summer residence of King Gustav VI Adolf, grandfather of the current Swedish King, attracts visitors mainly through the famous Rhododendron garden, created the monarch from the 1930’s. This year was the Castle Park elected to the most beautiful park in Europe with his now 10,000 rhododendrons.

During a guided tour through Castle and garden, visitors learn wonderful anecdotes from the eventful life of the popular King and his family. The father of Gustav VI. was removed to Schloss Trollenas in Eslov, about an hour’s drive from Trelleborg, Adolf a frequent guest. In the fairy tale castle with turrets and Bay Windows in the style of the French Renaissance, Gustav v had an own suite finally was the former owner of Trollenas his upper hunt master. During his visits, Gustav V.

like devoted his hobbies such as hunting, tennis and the embroidery. A carpet in the castle today testifies to this passion. Schloss Backaskog in Fjalkinge, about two hours drive from Trelleborg, a Swedish King has left some other tracks here is haunted. The horse Charles XV., who used the Castle from 1845 until his death in 1872 as a summer residence, to drive at night mischief on the lands.