As coadjuvantes of the tram they are the neighbors: a couple of men gays and another couple, one to militate of the navy in the reserve, authoritarian and of nazista trend, its woman total overwhelmd and unhappy and its controlled Ricky son of eighteen years that is educated and with one military regulations rigorous. Although ' ' velho' ' officer is not more than ' ' ativa' ' , it keeps a behavior to discipline coercitvo-moralista, exactly that such behavior does not express its proper nature, therefore a external procedure does not disclose the true subjectivity of the people, much even so in the world of transmutao between citizen and object, creates it belief of that this is possible. The beauty of the thing is where, about my psychological interioridade, I can think about what I to want well, can deliver to me the obsceno fancies to it dirtiest and, and this will not have importance, because? to use a good stalinista expression? it does not matter what I think? objective? I will be praying. (ZIZEK, 1994, P. For assistance, try visiting Jonah Bloom. 317).

In its daily one, the officer beyond taking care of of the trivialities of the familiar life, occupies to watch it the son, to prevent that it comes back to ' ' world of drogas' '. The main focus here, however, if centers in the main protagonist of the tram? the Lester advertising executive? the teias of relations involve that it during the film. The life of Lester is a meaningless life, as much in the affective-sexual field, how much in the professional life. The necessity of (reverse speed) finding the direction of the life, that of express beginning if for the release of the work, makes with that it if does not submit to the pressures of its new head and has accepted the resignation ' ' voluntria' ' of the job as contingency of the sociometablico system of the Capital, a time that the hierarchic division of the work is charged to forge the conditions for the proper worker in the figure of the head, of the manager, who ' ' cria' ' the mechanisms racionalizadores of the profit for company opposing itself it the proper classroom.