Capital Fixture VAL

However, the related deflation associates it an expansion of offers aggregate cannot be remained indefinitely. The deflation and the inflation provoke the econmica contraction or econmica depression. 1.4. Problematic Econmica and Clculos Macroeconmicos Consideremos the Rude Value of Produo (VBP) of certain company, in year 2000. Deducting the value from Bens Intermdios Adquiridos (VBI) in the same year, Valor Acrescentando Bruto (VAB) for the formula is calculated: VBP-VBI=VAB However, if of the previous expression to deduct from the VAB the esteem value of depreciation/consumings or amortization in this year (a) gets Valor Acrescentado Liquido (VAL): VAL= VAB It This VAL constitutes the part of the value that must be distributed for that in the company they had contributed for the production. The workers receive wages (s), while to the others the (o) is paid commanded. The shareholders or proprietors receive the shares or profits (l), the banks that had loaned to money the company will receive the interests (j). However, if moreover if paid incomes (r), we will have: VAL=S+O+L+J+R From these data, and assuming that all the aggregates are added the scale of a national economy we will have Produto Interno Bruto (PIB).

PIB= VAB the GIP represents therefore the rude value of the goods of produced consumption and fixed capital in the economy during the period, in case that it is a closed economy, without relations with the exterior. Thus the GIP can be calculated as follows: PIB=C+FBFC Of where the C represents the expenditure in good of consumption and FBCF means Formation Rude of Capital Fixture, that is the expenditure made during the year in the purchase of good of fixed captain (former: property, machines and equipment, etc.). The GIP and the PNB allow the governments to analyze the economic performances in certain year or of year the year. The PNB represents the result of econmica activity of the national agents, these situated ones or not inside of the borders of the country.