Canaanites Feast

Genesis 23: 1 18 of this reading, we can draw a valuable lesson of solidarity and peaceful coexistence between peoples, Abraham, in his grief, found understanding and support of the Canaanites, who saw in him a faithful representative of the Lord their God. As you probably know, we are descendants of Shem, what possibly ignore, is that Sem, my maternal grandfather, was the same King of Salem, Melchizedek, who my father, Abraham i.e. paid their tithes. So this mention simply that you may understand our God is no respecter of persons, that for him, all children are equal, and if something can point to any difference, she, the difference is based on the degree of commitment that individually assume regarding the fulfillment of his commandments. So the biggest lie we inherited from the Scriptures, is that chosen peoples, to which everything is permitted, and other Nations considered second class, which are put to the service, to be used at the arbitrary whim of those that exist are auto proclaim people chosen by God. Jesus, in the Meridian of time, just as the Prophet Enoch, in ancient times, taught us clearly, read: answering Jesus, returned les to speak in parables, saying: the Kingdom of heaven is like a King who made wedding feast for his son; and he sent forth his servants to call the guests to weddings; but they would not come.

Again he sent other servants, saying; Tell the guests: Behold, I have prepared my food; My bulls and fatted animals have been killed, and everything is ready; come to the wedding feast. More no to ignore, they went, one to its cultivation, and another to their businesses; and others, taking the slaves, fought them and killed them. To hear the King, he was angry; and sending his armies, he destroyed those murderers and burned their city.