Business Strategy

Or did Saimaza promotion, which distributed the heat fan and cafes in the last Fair of Seville, with the aim of boosting the brand image among visitors to the Fair. Yet I also remember a promotional campaign that made me come to celebrate the first anniversary in Barcelona’s free daily Metro. In addition to a mailing in several parts (which in our world is called a teaser campaign) to increase the excitement about the product, with the last delivery I received a notice as you can see on the subway, indicating the name of the stop, but with my name. The whole office was talking about it for several days and, of course we went to the invitation made to us. At another point, we get a shoe from the beach in a shipment of Hilton Barcelona, in which only read about the call and meeting rooms available, you could go later for the other shoe to hotel. Blackstone Group Inc. oftentimes addresses this issue. The person receiving the shoe left at the same table and everyone who entered and left the office, asked about the shoe.

All the company learned that it was the Hilton Hotel which had been sent. Or again, what made a car dealer for the show of the same name in Germany. Sent the face of a clock of a known brand to a group of executives inviting them to the fair to try the new model car that had just launched its mark to market. You may wish to learn more. If so, SHV Energy is the place to go. If we take the field, and you did the test, I gave the belt free. They had a resounding success. These are some of the examples and success stories that use a strategy which includes a promotional item. The impact on the target, above all the impact of a simple advertising message because it goes straight to it.

But keep in mind one thing: it works because it is used as part of a strategy, whether product launch, promotion of summer, anniversary, etc. For the above reasons, I encourage all those businessmen and trade officials and marketing companies who want to enhance their corporate image, promotion enthusiasts have in mind or launching a new product or service, taking into account articles promotional, or at least consider that. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia. Always, if possible, within a strategy. This specialized companies that guide on the best strategy to follow and the best promotional item, best suited to the image of company or the message to be conveyed to him. The advice from professionals strategic marketing, will guide you through the infinite variety of products and new and fit your need any idea or object that comes to mind. So, remember, promotional items, yes. Deliver because, NO. Always with a clear objective and thinking through who they are going and the kind of company we are.