Britney Spears Celebrates Comeback With New Album

Her sixth album is a very special day appear Britney Spears is back – or she was perhaps never really gone? Well, enough of the unnecessary words: Britney Spears wants to start now so correctly. She has already taken the first step for this. Contact information is here: Mike Gianoni. At the MTV Video Awards (where also Tokyo were hotel), she won all three awards in three nominations and beamed while in her short sparkling dress and her long blonde hair as something would never have been. Britney Spears has managed the jump – hopefully. Now she want to make a very special gift. Britney celebrates her 27 birthday on December 2 and gives her sixth studio album and their fans and the music world. The album is called circus – there could have been no better title.

Britney gets support of also great singers for their new album. Among other things, even Madonna, Alanis Morissette and Bjork are represented. Well, since only a success can be the album.