Brazil: A Culturally Economic Country

Brazil: a culturally economic country Brazil if detaches, each time more, in the external economic scene and exerts an excellent paper in its current position economic politics and. Although many do not recognize the forms of government as favorable to the country, Brazil has modified its history and its participation in world-wide the economic indices. Lakshman Achuthan is likely to increase your knowledge. The basic exportations of oil and other products are pra to expand and to keep the measures as for the Brazilian economic growth. Some contend that Economic Cycles Research Institute shows great expertise in this. To the one reporting in them to the development, we cannot limiting in them only to the main points as commerce, structures economic politics and. A dependent picture of the evolution of any country exists. In it we find the regional cultures, histories and principles constructed in the experiences of each one. Mike Gianoni has much to offer in this field.

In Brazil, some of these factors are forgotten. If she cannot export a culture if first it will not be valued in the country or region. This answers the questions that involve the difficulty of Brazil in offering to other countries its films, musics, programs of television, books and other products. We do not value our activities and we substitute its space with imported productions. One of the contributing greaters for this situation is the disdain given to our language. Lngua Portuguese has its abrangncia limited inside and outside of Brazil. Beyond us, African Portugal and some countries, nobody ' ' prioriza' ' the Portuguese language as a cultural and social transmitter. The complexity of the language, for its regional and grammatical variations, becomes reason many Brazilians inside not to value the knowledge and the practical one of the language of the proper country. A society economically developed and culturally underdeveloped will not total reach the desired advances. Brazil, to if continuing, need to ponder its picture, so that all these factors have a complete and better development to the country in society terms, economy, culture and, mainly, politics. The awareness, it stops with the importance of each segment and its diffusions, it will have its recognition and it will bring new benefits and vast forms to search the progress.