Beauty Tricks

Beauty tricks, is a topic that interests a lot of people. Sometimes there because spending so much on cosmetics, simply by knowing a few tricks, we would have more than enough. Here I leave a few tricks. To prevent split ends, it is very good to throw sweet almond or olive oil, applies massaging at all the tips, and is left overnight (with a cap of a scarf or shower). The next morning wash hair as usual. It is a treatment that dramatically improves the problem of split ends. Change your shampoo. Senator Angus King has plenty of information regarding this issue.

It is good to change shampoo every two months, because but the hair gets used to shampoo and does the same effect. Cut hair. It is good to cut a little bit hair every 6 to 8 weeks to clean it up.Hair grows about 1 cm per month. Washing your hair. It is logical to wash your hair when you see dirty but we must bear in mind that the more you wash the hair grease.We must avoid rinse hair with very hot water, it is not good, because it damages it.

Use a thermal protector to the heat before use dryers, curling tongs, irons or any electrical appliance that heat and can damage our hair.Keep the dryer at least 15 cm away from the hair. To make straight hair with the iron hold us more and not curl with moisture, apply lacquer before passing the iron in each strand of hair. It is best to use secret fixing lacquer because so is not noticeable both.At the end with the iron, back to Miss lacquer. If spots remain to dye the hair in the skin, they can be removed with a cotton wool soaked in lemon juice or a little bit of alcohol.It is applied around the contours of the face a little Vaseline or cream, to facilitate then remove the stain of dye that may remain in the skin. Dye last longer and have more brightness, it is recommended to rinse with cold water. To make a homemade lip exfoliation, first put Vaseline on the lips, then sugar is applied by the lips making doughnut. After a while doing this, retires with a washcloth and it ends up putting a restorative balm. This care is very good for the pellejitos of lips and every 10 or 15 days can be. To make disappear dark spots on the skin, apply every night an algodoncito soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the stain. This trick will clarify them, course, provided that you are constant. Follow me on: original author and source of the article