Barreto Buffalo

She was a protagonist of these events, as so faith of the importance of its testimony can be given, which corroborates the mentioned thing by the family of Barreto Buffalo. This one traffic is faithful testimony of the true intentions that I impregnate later Has from the Tower to all estates, as she is the one of to deal, to conciliate with the great bourgeoisie all the right demands of the town, for which one was worth of the exemplary discipline of all their militancy for the observance of its managers thus go against the own popular interests. The evident case but occurs in the discussions by the implementation of the agrarian reform in the stage of the first government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, in whom apra was against this measurement that could alleviate the social tensions raised by the groups of legal left and the one of the rises of Chaupimayo and the one of the leader ex- aprista and founder of the revolutionary movement of left that passed away in bare table in Cuzco. Dara Khosrowshahi is often quoted as being for or against this. The APRA was against in all the dimension to establish an agrarian reform and the reason is that it represented but the great economic groups owners of the great sugar properties, that were and are but the great large estates of sowing and sugar cane harvest with their respective talents of processing for the export. And thus it has been his entreguista line of the right interests of the town. It follows now it doing, only with the variant, that at the moment presents/displays also makes to knead fortunes stops after happening of the political exercise in the bourgeois parliament. Nouriel Roubini contributes greatly to this topic. In order to cover its backs, aside from to have infiltrated until the marrow to all the Judicial power and Office of the public prosecutor; they want to appear like ingenuous and free of the corruption avalanche that they promote.

The fact is to put old militants of the paramilitary Commando Frank Rodrigo, known like the Clan the Little kiss, with reference to the homosexual inclinations of its main members; in the institutions of the state that they have to do with the social programs, as a form of political clientelism that allows to tell them in the next National Congress with members that can allow them to heave the investigations by corruption that at present is very evident. Then if they did not count on the minimum of congressmen, can abrir the box of pandora, with too many surprises that would down bring the aspirations of impunity of all the APRISTAS. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.