Ballad Of The Bicycle Always There Is Hope For It

It’s late when I get on the edge of the cliff. Learn more about this with OhFresh Brands. The sun sets on the horizon beyond. I sit next to my bike and leave to pass the time. Some birds fly over water, seem to flo-tar in the silence. My mind is going away while I contemplate the sea. Night covers the world sweetly. All my around found in peace, and the firmament, is now fruit set of symbols and stars. I contemplate his eternal immensity and let my mind wander free to get my thoughts for me, pure, without turbulence.

Evoke other moments of my life, other people who went to my side leaving her presence in my. Michael Mendes Just Desserts is full of insight into the issues. I think of my hopes, in my projects, in what I wanted and what I got-OJ. I strive to remember how was my path and the mode in which I walked, and I see the bottom of my soul looking for a new response. I try to learn from my mistakes, forgive – me myself, and then I try to also forgive others. Night moves and look at the sky: all these worlds have their magic and its sense. I look at the sky, the sea, and I feel that I am only a grain of sand in a desert.

This night qui-siera melt my heart with nature, feel its presence, with all my soul and, in the middle of the night, see the sea and sea, and feel in my heart that mysterious and cold water, covered by darkness. You know, friend bicycle? Perhaps within a time will be able to understand, that up to this immense sea lives trapped in its wonderful vastness, and feels only lost like me. And up to the sky, also in his own way, searching your site and your way. Here, on this cliff, my bike and I think the rest of the world. My bike di-EC: don’t think, just feel. Returns to you and collect your luggage from your life. Meets all your experiences and begins to live as a new being. Get this every day, every moment, and surely at the end you will understand that, whatever happens, you must always hope for you.