Antonio Vieira

The other great representative was the Priest Antonio Vieira who, known for its Sermes, shows the first Brazilian education well, still colony. A jesutica education. Then the Baroque one is the picture of the contrast in the context description of the reform and against-reform. In Brazil it was the contrast between the profane one, with the satires of Gregorio de Matos, and the sacred one with the sermes of Antonio Vieira. as in the Baroque o impact was what it counted and to not content it, the sermes of Vieira was more rhetorical, impactantes and with aesthetic value of what moralizantes. was Vieira who chats fixed it Brazilian.

Gregorio also valued aesthetic and the impact, far from being moralizante, with its poetries. Portuguese America in this period was reflected of what it occurred in the Europe, this dualism, this rebulio between sacred and the profane one, the against-reform and the reform, the antropocentrismo and the teocentrismo, meat and spirit. The Arcadismo shows the last phase of literature in the lusitana colony. The Arcadismo is marked by the great landmark in the settling of Brazil, the mining. The mining is the new commerce and Mines take the place of rescuer as commercial polar region and Rio De Janeiro if it becomes, later the new capital. Mines the economic center of the colony becomes of the Portuguese on account of the search for the gold. Bandeirantes, slaves, alforriados, free gentlemen, workers, all go the Mines for the race of the gold. Migration that contributes very for the internalization of Brazil. The Arcadismo caught the time of more changes in Brazil in the colonial Age, that was up to 1836, when left of being colony and if it became empire. Beyond the mining, internalization and definition of the Brazilian territory, the arcadismo also caught a time of revolts of nativistas matrix and feeling, libertarian revolts, rebellions, caught the time of Tiradentes and the mining inconfidncia? Claude Manuel of the Coast, representative of the arcadismo in Brazil, was one of the inconfidentes? , time of requcios of affirmation of the identity of the people.