Additional Services Translation: Layout, Verification

Besides the basic services provided by the translation (such as interpreting, translation, guide service, transfer of telephone calls), the translation provided and additional services for their customers seeking to make its service the most comprehensive and ensuring that the client has received all the necessary services related to the transfer of "one hand". One of the most popular value-added services is the layout. Not all customers know that the layout is an optional service and is paid additionally. Some believe the layout is also engaged an interpreter, not a professional coder, but it is not. What kind of service is called a layout? Imagine that we have a manual machine, which we pay for translation. In addition to plain text in this instruction manual are also charts, diagrams, illustrations, they accordingly, there are comments, explanations and labels. Certainly we need a translation from the preservation of all illustrations, figures and graphs, and in addition also with explanatory captions.

That is, we need an exact copy our instruction in Russian language only. It is this service called the layout – to save all the graphics from the original 1:1. Specialists performing the job, working in special programs such as PageMaker. With regard to the cost of such work – it is calculated for one page of A4, it is important to note that the values of the number of characters on the page will not have. That is, the cost of page layout, which is 300 characters and one image is the same as the cost per page, which is 5 digits and single image.