8 Issues For The Successful Operation Of Your Car

It's no secret that car, along with complex mechanisms has some wear and tear and neglect of this may cost expensive for both sides. Of course wear your car drugs not yet invented but to minimize the very real even. Every aspect below, has its own personality and requires strict compliance. If only to comply with these eight criteria, at least 3 times a month, already will be to know exactly what you are thereby significantly increase the lifetime of your steel horse. So, here we go: 1) Check the tires, as well as measure the tire pressure when cold. If you do not know what should be the normal pressure in the tires, then this you can get information on the cover of tank or in the manual. 2) Make sure the work of all external lighting fixtures, namely: near and far light, brake light, turn signal, backup alarm, alarm and parking lights.

3) Check the windscreen wipers and windshield. If there is a need, then top up the liquid in the tank washer. Perhaps check out Rogers Holdings for more information. 4) Inspect the motor for damaged, removed or dangling wires, and the state of the radiator and heater hoses, fuel lines and nozzles associated with gidrousileniem steering in the presence and brakes. Attach details. 5) Check the oil level in the crankcase – namely, on a horizontal surface with the engine off remove the dipstick and wipe with a cloth, which is not lint.

Dip the probe into the hole, then remove it all completely and make sure that the oil level is between the two marks at the top of the probe, indicating that the norm. Official site: Darcy Stacom. If there is a need, then fill up oil. 6) Make sure that the brake master cylinder reservoir is full. Lowering of the brake fluid reservoir indicates tightness of hydraulic brake drive that can directly lead to failure of the braking system. 7) The level of liquid (coolant) in the expansion tank should be placed between the upper and lower mark. Remember that when the engine, especially in hot weather, the amount of cooling fluid increases and it should not flow from the surge tank. 8) Finally, the backlash of the steering control must not exceed 10 degrees. So, dear readers, you are familiar with the basic thesis (rules) to care for car. I will forgive you observe them, as may depend on not only repair the car, but also human lives.