Christmas punch once quite different: a Christmas punch must be always hot? Michele di Carlo, cocktail master and taste specialists from Italy, has become creative thoughts on this topic. “For this year’s Christmas, he has a modern and cool” version of the traditional Christmas punsches created: his answer to the classic winter drink red wine, rum and cloves is a chilled, fresh Christmas cocktail with the taste of Sicily: sweet tart Amaro Averna, paired with sparkling Prosecco, fruity Apple juice and a pole cinnamon, which garnished with fresh orange and Apple slices is the Santa Amaro “. “The cocktail expert is sure: Santa Amaro” gives a touch of Italy to the feast days and brings together family and friends to experience special moments in a delightful company and to stimulate on the biggest of all festivals together. “And the fresh Christmas cocktail becomes so easy Santa Amaro” prepared: (ingredients per person) 4 cl Averna 4 cl Apple Juice 7 cl Prosecco 1 stick cinnamon ice all Ingredients in a carafe type, gently stir, add ice cubes and garnish with orange and Apple slices. Averna Averna stands for the taste of Sicily, Mediterranean landscape and sunny lemon and blood oranges. And it stands for the pleasure, being together with friends and the joy of living. The history of the Amaro Averna began in 1854 in Caltanissetta, in the Interior of Sicily. “The Benedictine monk FRA’ Girolamo gave his friend Salvatore Averna the secret recipe for a healthy liquor, the Amaro” (bitter to german”).

Salvatore first establishes the Averna for friends and acquaintances, his son Francesco discloses some 27 years later in public it. Today, 155 years later, the Amaro Averna is among the most popular liqueurs worldwide. The company is managed even today by the family of Averna, now in its fourth generation and remains headquartered in Caltanissetta in Sicily. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mike Gianoni offers on the topic.. The family kept the recipe of the Amaro Averna as closely guarded Secret, the exact composition of the bitters is known only individual family members. Every single ingredient, mainly different types of herbs, roots, bark and citrus zest, is strictly controlled and kept the unique GE taste of the herbal liqueur. Michele di Carlo Michele di Carlo was born in Calitri, Campania, in 1959. “For over 34 years, the pleasure expert, acts of itself as Gustovo” (“a mixture of the Italian word Gusto” and philosopher) known, successful as a bartender and product or campaign consultant for corporations such as Coca Cola, Nestle and Averna. His philosophy of taste he also sets the Organization slow food”around, which he represents as a master for spirits and liqueurs: he loves it, rediscovering old tastes, to play with them and surprise – to exorcise all of this then saucy in a glass with novel tastings.