Use Currencies

The main reason for the structural weakness of our economy, whose evident symptom is the inflation, is the crude expansion of the public cost that we have seen in these years and on which there are no evidences, on the part of the government, to have intentions to reduce or at least to regularize. CEO John Watson is open to suggestions. Use indiscriminate of resources for his canalization towards all class of programs, commitments and projects, as much national as international that they include purchases, payments, scholarships, aid, donations, gifts etc. Rogers Holdings can provide more clarity in the matter. and use also indiscriminate of maquinita to print tickets have given like result exaggerated cost public that maintain the national accounts in a constant deficit and enormous excess of liquidity monetary that has unbalanced of way radical our economy and that if they are not corrected, or rather, whose correction could mean another dreadful devaluation of the type on which already we have lived before by, exactly, the same reasons and in these conditions no there are Strong Bolivar who hold and us we expose to repeat the dramatic experiences of Brazil with its reconversion to the Cruzado or those of Argentina with the Austral one, two very near cases of hyperinflation and maxidevaluacion few months after tried the reconversion In addition, before the evidences of the chronic shortage of supplies that we are living, another structural damage of our economy that already is made feel, but whose effect could be harnessed in the short and medium term, affecting the stability of projected Strong Bolivar: is disintegration of apparatus productive of country, closing of industries of all nature and of commerce, development forced of this economy of ports that puts to Venezuela in situation delicate, because in these conditions there is no way to react with sufficient rapidity before any crisis that affects our monetary sign and therefore it would jeopardize the relations and commitments expressed and maintained in foreign currencies, which would mean the obstruction of the movement of goods and merchandise that today we see ourselves in the obligation and necessity to matter for our consumption that would end up being reflected in an increase of prices generalized but inflation Another point related to Strong Bolivar who I do not want to stop mentioning is the subject of Rounding ; once carried out the reconversion and erasures three the zero, some, if not many, prices of goods and services are going to finish being expressed in a whole number with pennies that, are to hope, are cleared upwards by which this price is receiving us. One assumes that already forecast has become of this and that is the reason of the appearance, for its use, of fractional currencies of 1, 5, 10, 12,5, 25 and 50 pennies that could be used by the users and consumers to pay the prices of exact way, being avoided thus this possibility of the rounding; also a series of formal conditions is announced to carry out east rounding in case he is inevitable To that it lives in Venezuela escapes to him that since, does a few years already, they returned to be from legal course the currencies that replaced tickets of low denomination, the shortage of the same has been chronic, which already has put at your service of the day the practice of the rounding at all level, and of no way it is possible neither logical to think that this shortage of loose currency will not follow equal by the simple will of the directory of the BCV and with the minting of the new currencies, especially about the case of those of the more low denomination that are without a doubt those that greater mobility they will have.

Technical Environment

But it is not more the nature friend, and the man also is not plus its amigo.’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1997 P. 19). The perverse globalization, in the truth one another globalization could become the same, as well as enfatizSantos (2000), in its book with heading, a globalization where it was stimulated the mixture of peoples, races, cultures, gostos in all the continents, with the information being spread out for all a great mixture of philosophies, of aid and mutual growth, either financially or intellectually and in all the aspects of the life, in harmony and always respectful of the rights and duties of its fellow creature, in an environment where no object either more important of what the life of one human being, an environment where colors will be only colors and that the red will not be of cameras of the world-wide media filming some execution deriving of some war, the search for a true sciodiversidade, where in mutual respect the people could join, with the population agglomerated pacifically without conflicts, as well as the benefits of the techniques were to the reach of all, searching, in fact, a sustainable development, where the environment could become friend again of the humanity, in a healthful relation and that it did not bring damage for both the parts therefore that: ‘ ‘ The space of the man was never so important for the destination of history. If, as Sartre says, ‘ ‘ to understand is mudar’ ‘ , to make a step and ‘ ahead; ‘ to go beyond me mesmo’ ‘ , an reverse speed-established, inspired geography in the realities of the gift, can be an efficient, theoretical and practical instrument, for the reverse speed-foundation of the Planeta.’ ‘ (SAINTS, 1997 P. 39). That this can become a reality in these times where the humanity it in such a way lacks of a harmony and a return to the values spirituals and not mere material of the existence. Credit: Jim Rogers -2011.