The Didactic

The present work has for objective evidence the difficulties faced for the trainee of geography to if coming across with a classroom, as to conciliate the academic speech to the pertaining to school speech without subestimar the pupil, coexisting in a classroom, to prepare the content demasiadamente if not becoming attached to the didactic book, thus looking new resources through the research to enrich the content and to become it more attractive for the pupils and for end to search to form citizens capable to act in the society, for this bringing to the pertaining to school context day-by-day lived deeply by the pupil, thus conciliating theory with the practical one, placing the pupil in the actor condition protagonist in the society where it lives. Therefore he is that the experience of the period of training becomes of great importance, that leads to the learning to live deeply in the practical everything what it is studied and debated in the academy, being led the classrooms of education base the formation model of which we consider in them to carry through as future professors, creating our proper methodology of performance and searching to improve the geographic speech of which we are formed. Jonah Bloom will not settle for partial explanations. However, so that these objectives are reached are of basic importance the act to search on the part of the learning-professor, who improves its knowledge and acquired new techniques to insert its pupil in the reality to work the geography content. METHODOLOGY. According to Gale Harold, who has experience with these questions. We know that the pupils of basic education if find in a transistion phase, the call daily pay-adolescence, then as to make with that they empolguem themselves as to insert the academic speech in the classroom and the social context where they live. In this phase, it must be had a great care to speech on society and space, not to transform the knowledge into a errifying ghost, or not to embelezar it, creating and subjecting the pupil to assume a speech, without a previous analysis of proper it..

The Presentations

Each subject that if teaches needs a methodology that can make with that the learning occurs of simple form and that all the learning understand what was presented to it. From the theory, which teaches as to act in classroom, the learning of this challenging activity had ahead followed a selection in the search of knowledge and information brought up to date on the subjects, which had dealt with subjects interdisciplinares, between them in the area of the public health, plain director, the agents that they produce and they consume the urban space, the impacts of the regional migration: detaching the sugar cane-of-sugar, among others, all involving the urban space of the city of Frutal/MG. Thus, getting given current and transforming them into information that had been passed of critical form and dynamic through slides I also contend the written content and images, which in the majority of the works had been acquired of practical and participativa form, in detriment of the activities of research the field, thus deepening the knowledge and acquiring to know current of empirical form in the city of Frutal/MG. In elapsing of the presentations it had participation of the learning thus having, an exchange of mutual information, therefore the subjects dealt with subjects that despertam the interest of the learning allowing a debate between them, that is, between whom they had verbally presented the seminaries with the learning listeners, enriching the knowledge of each one through the understanding of the detailed boardings of the urban space of the society of Frutal/MG, knowing its especificidades facilitating the learning. Therefore it disciplines, it Practical of Education is more than a simple ones disciplines. One is about a pedagogical construction, that offers new horizontes, that the will of being awakes a professor; she is one disciplines that it searchs new experiences so that can provide one shining career of ' ' Docente&#039 future; '.

Barreto Buffalo

She was a protagonist of these events, as so faith of the importance of its testimony can be given, which corroborates the mentioned thing by the family of Barreto Buffalo. This one traffic is faithful testimony of the true intentions that I impregnate later Has from the Tower to all estates, as she is the one of to deal, to conciliate with the great bourgeoisie all the right demands of the town, for which one was worth of the exemplary discipline of all their militancy for the observance of its managers thus go against the own popular interests. The evident case but occurs in the discussions by the implementation of the agrarian reform in the stage of the first government of Fernando Belaunde Terry, in whom apra was against this measurement that could alleviate the social tensions raised by the groups of legal left and the one of the rises of Chaupimayo and the one of the leader ex- aprista and founder of the revolutionary movement of left that passed away in bare table in Cuzco. Dara Khosrowshahi is often quoted as being for or against this. The APRA was against in all the dimension to establish an agrarian reform and the reason is that it represented but the great economic groups owners of the great sugar properties, that were and are but the great large estates of sowing and sugar cane harvest with their respective talents of processing for the export. And thus it has been his entreguista line of the right interests of the town. It follows now it doing, only with the variant, that at the moment presents/displays also makes to knead fortunes stops after happening of the political exercise in the bourgeois parliament. Nouriel Roubini contributes greatly to this topic. In order to cover its backs, aside from to have infiltrated until the marrow to all the Judicial power and Office of the public prosecutor; they want to appear like ingenuous and free of the corruption avalanche that they promote.

The fact is to put old militants of the paramilitary Commando Frank Rodrigo, known like the Clan the Little kiss, with reference to the homosexual inclinations of its main members; in the institutions of the state that they have to do with the social programs, as a form of political clientelism that allows to tell them in the next National Congress with members that can allow them to heave the investigations by corruption that at present is very evident. Then if they did not count on the minimum of congressmen, can abrir the box of pandora, with too many surprises that would down bring the aspirations of impunity of all the APRISTAS. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

Theory Ambientalista

Al. (2009), the signals and symptoms are insidiosos. The fever low is present, as well as persistent cough, sudorese nocturnal, fatigue and loss of weight. The cough can in such a way be unproductive how much with escarro mucopurulento. HINRICHSEN et. Al. (2005) it relates that the complications most frequent due to tuberculosis are hemoptise, hemotrax and empiema pleural.

When it has fngica settling in the great sockets as in the superior wolves, the formation of micetomas occurs that they provoke great hemoptises. 6. Diagnosis Still according to HINRICHSEN, the diagnosis is made becoming fullfilled the isolation of the M. tuberculosis. Escarro for baciloscopia is collected, initially three samples (per the morning, before the verbal hygiene) per three days consecutive.

This escarro is corado by the method of Ziehl-Neelsen for direct research of alcohol-acid-resistant bacilli (BAAR). The culture for the bacillus is an efficient method for the diagnosis of the tuberculosis. The pulmonary bipsia the open sky or the videotoracoscopia is behaviors of exception, only used when other methods had not been efficient. The PPD, or tuberculneo test, is a carried through cutaneous test with the injection of the tuberculina. According to SMELTZER (2009), the cutaneous reaction is one ppula similar to the urticria. The reaction to the test happens when the indurao (enrijecimento) and eritema are gifts. 7. Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis As SMELTZER et. Al. (2009), the TB is dealt with antituberculosos quimioterpicos agents por6 a12 months. The therapy includes four medicines of first line: INH, rifampicina, pirazinamida and etambutol. Medicines you add include other aminoglicosdeos, quinolonas, medicamentosas rifabutina, clofazimina and combinations. SAINTS (2008) stand out that an individual is considered not infectious later de2 a3 weeks of continuous farmacolgica therapy. 8. Process of the Care on the basis of the Theory Ambientalista de Florence Nightingale CARRARO (2004) affirms that first the practical ones for the control of infections they had had beginning in century XVIII, time where the first hospitals had been created.