Social Assistant

the Social Assistant, exactly carrying through activities partilhadas with other professionals, makes use of particular angles of comment in the interpretation of the same social processes and also distinct ability for the guiding of the actions, distinguish that it from the doctor, the sociologist, the psychologist, pedagogo, etc.’ ‘ (Iamamoto, 2001, p.41). Inside of this vision, the importance urges to be, while professional in approaching to these spheres of being able, making with that these if approach and are each time consonantes with the interests of the population. In this first chapter will be boarded, under the optics of some authors, the question of ‘ ‘ participation of the population by means of organizations representativas’ ‘ , constant in article 204 of the Federal Constitution. We will search to complement this boarding, also referenciando intrinsic questions to the subject as: the legitimacy; the representation; the representation crisis; the deliberative power; the normative ability and the advisory capacity. Walnut (2004), contextualiza the participation in the modern world by means of four great groups. The first one of them, would be the assistencialista participation, whose nature is solidary. It occurs in expressive way in the poor and kept out of society social segments, as form to soften the human misfortune and to neutralize conflicts.

This modality of participation, if mainly evidenced in the previous phases the affirmation of the rights the citizenship, and still today in the collectives where the degree of maturity and conscience politics are precarious. The Second form calls corporative participation. The objectives biggest of this type of participation, are the benefits the determined group or category, that is it is an essentially exculpatory participation, therefore it only gains who to belong to the group. In this context the syndical movements are proven.

The Customer

The CRM app for the iPhone is directly linked to the ERP system and represents any time and any place open all this customer information on 4 inch the user in a matter of seconds. For example customer and contact information, document data, open items, price lists, device files or cases can be viewed continuously. Thereby, all data can be edited at any time and supplemented. In addition, the application supports the online inventory query and the digital order entry. Credit: John McCann-2011. The L-mobile CRM allows iPhone as a professional customer presence as a barrier-free customer call. Because the employee has anytime, anywhere all information already in hand and head for the needs of the customers. NT: Could you please explain that an example? MF: Like.

First of all, the customer met a salesperson who has done his homework and can immediately clarify open questions with the customer. Because even if the CRM information in the best of cases not deprecated and well prepared on the Office PC to see who draws up good salespeople, especially through a flexible and efficient way of working out. Here the CRM proves iPhone ideal companion on the road. With a few finger tips, the field has all current information about customer and context anywhere and at any time in seconds on the screen. That means no long preparation time in the Office or waiting for the VPN setup. More specific information can be accurately and just as easily pick up customer conversation. For example, a cross-selling feature makes it easier to find the appropriate accessories for each customer order. By linking with the device files, which provide serial numbers, delivery and warranty periods, ensures this, that also guaranteed the right article will propose. NT: That sounds good, but that do the job but also the order processing at Headquarters? MF: Just it comes to make leaner processes and at the same time to provide a practical mobile CRM application.

Customer Portal

This is not the case with unqualified leads. They are flat, sold mostly in large quantities and without examination. The provider itself have to select here. and the lid principle the Berlin Internet Start-Up has committed to providing qualified leads to the business model. Unlike in the lump-sum distribution of leads, such as competitions or mass emails, picks up the prospective buyers in the purchase decision process and passes them to the appropriate provider. The provider able to operate the product desire of the prospective buyers, are you may purchase then contact information button. This delivers them the transparent customer ‘.

This means that they can see in advance all the necessary information provider and only then decide. To buy as”not the pig in a poke, Mario says coal. The lead generation business model offers online and without exaggerated way, prospective buyers Transaction costs, as well as losses to acquire. Through this service companies must especially in economically depressed times make available a big marketing budget and can, according to needs and order situation, acquire new customers”, Mario explains carbon benefits of lead marketing. Customer Portal: is the first independent mediation platform for advice-intensive products and services in Germany. Currently, the supplier network buyer portal counts nearly 2,000 registered companies. So far, more than 10,000 received requests were processed already.

The product portfolio includes such as copiers, telephone systems, factoring service providers, financial accounting, solar systems or stair lifts and more than 50 more advice-intensive products and services. is always free for buyers. Provider decide, depending on the order situation, individually for a new customer and pay only for the contacts they purchase. This is how BBs works: prospective buyers can on free, within a few minutes details make for their desired product and then receive an initial telephone consultation. “You give up a kind of wish list what should can the device or service?” This qualified buyer Portal requests and determines the needs of the prospective buyers so goal-oriented.

The Netherlands

Additional Parking heater bus ZENIT 8000. Albert Einstein will not settle for partial explanations. Additional cabin heaters made famous Zenit 8000 by Eberspacher. Item original. Has the certificate of a certificate of quality. Always in-stock companies in Pavlovo heaters ZENIT 8000 12V and 24V. The same company “Automotive” invites all interested persons: Lucky and paint. Enamels on alkyd, acrylic and nitro.

Autoenamel mark ML 1110, ML 12 – Melamine-alkyd enamel with a drying temperature of about 130 C, produced by “Rosavtohim” under the brand name ‘VIVA-T’ and Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl under the brand name ‘MEGA MIX’. Enamels ‘Mobihel’ and ‘Colomix’ (Slovenia), ‘Sadolin’ (Finland), alkyd based, tumble dryer at 20 C (about 24 hours). Enamels based on acrylic stamps Mobihel (Slovenia), Vic-Acrylic (“Russian Paints”, Yaroslavl), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands) with the regime drying at 20 C (about 2 hours). Nitro enamels on the basis of: the type of metallic branded Mobihel, Dyna coat and Colomix, SC 132 standard colors ‘Mega Mix’ Russian Palette”, Yaroslavl. Acrylic-based varnishes, coatings such as metallic: Mobihel (Slovenia), Bodi (Greece), Novol (Poland), Fitter (Germany), Standox (Germany), Dyna Coat (The Netherlands), Sikkens (Netherlands), RM (France), DuPont (France), Vic-acrylic (Russia), Soils and fillers. Large range of soils and coatings for auto body repair leading manufacturers: Body, Novol, Colomix, Mobihel, Fitter, Standox, Spies Hecker, Roberlo, New system, Sikkens, Quil, Vic sealants and adhesives. Sealants and adhesives based on acrylic, polyurethane, rubber and synthetic. These sealants are used for handling and sealing joints, as well as stickers for windows and fixing amps parts of a car.

Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Sika. Corrosion-resistant and protective compounds. Compositions for treatment of the car body from corrosion. The compositions for protection against impacts of gravel, sand and salt exposure. Body, Vosschemie, Novol, Tectil, Roberlo, Maston, Motip, Avtonol, Polikomplast, Orgsyntes, Kerry, ALLY Company invites all interested organizations and individuals for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Becoming a regular customer of the company “Automotive”, you get the most favorable Conditions of purchase: auto parts, batteries, auto-tools, tires. You will receive discounts or preferential terms of payment please contact the manager of the company and you will have expert help when selection of replacement parts for your car, shop, bus depot.

The Economist

Cannot be denied that in the commercial stage in where participating companies search for new markets, remain in this, it is necessary to have a good brand that fully identifies the consumer of other competing, Wikipedia reminds us, that to Tom Peters, declared guru of gurus by The Economist and Fortune, what constitutes differentiation precisely part of intangible assets of a company: value, credibility and uniqueness of a brand. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Branson. So he explains it in the new book that just been published under the title the core of Branding. From his theory of the 3 physical laws of marketing: benefits patents, a real reason to believe and a big difference, Peters shows that brand is what defines us and that this is much more than marketing or logos. It has to do with the passion, the story want to count, the cause that motivates our company. The stories and experiences will be more important in the future than the products, according to Peters, because the ability to convey emotion is the most important thing in a world controlled by technology. Very interesting when we are reminded of the importance of considering the Visual elements of the mark and says on the subject, they are graphic representations of a company, which are projected to the public through a symbol or a special typographic design.

The combination of the Visual elements (communicative name, symbol, alphabet, colors and the signalling system) gives the overall appearance of the company and constitutes a very important physical expression in the markets in which it participates. Today large amounts are paid to designers create a memorable visual identity. However, there are ironic cases as that of Coca-Cola, whose label, one of the most successful design jobs in the world, was created by the accounting officer of the company. Symbol: Is the expression of the identity of a company manifested through a graphic that represents it from the material point of view.

Party People

The latter are unsure, look for a lot of arguments 'for' before deciding on a purchase, besieged by questions about the consultant details. It is so outwardly different impulsive and reflexive consumers. Advantages and disadvantages in terms of marketing there is in both segments. Impulsive buyers require less attention and effort to transaction that is less sensitive to prices and not very demanding of conditions. But in this segment is difficult to build loyalty, these customers is difficult to 'bind' to the brand. Their actions are rarely good deliberation and weighed, competitors have so many chances to intrigue an impulsive buyer. Reflexive buyers, however, does not make rapid turnover of the company, but it is much easier to explain to the arguments of the next purchase, return loyalty.

'Homebody and Tusovschiki'b> The titles of these segments, the least fit in psychological terminology, but it is best to convey the essence of their lifestyle. In fact, this dichotomy does not deal with some psychological characteristics, and with them dictated by other factors of life style. Marketing research indicates that about a quarter of participants did not like being at home, preferring to 'move': walks, entertainment, shopping. Some contend that Bob Jones shows great expertise in this. Approximately 30% of respondents balance between home and 'outdoor' leisure time. And finally, more than 45% of Russians can be called homebodies: it is a fraction of study participants stated a desire to be all free time at home.

It is clear that the consumer models, these segments are significant differences, because these people are totally different lifestyle. Homebody need fewer clothes and jewelry, but more food they do not go to restaurants and cafes, not visit cinemas and entertainment complexes, but actively buying home appliances, video and books. Tourist area depends on the quality of the audience from the perspective of segments of 'couch potatoes' and 'Party People'. Many other markets are also very dependent on the propensity of consumers to a particular type of spending. Considering this classification, it should also separate the 'displaced' from the couch potatoes those of conviction. Marketing research showed that home life costs an average of 1.5 times cheaper than active: this is exactly the difference in running costs 'couch potatoes' and 'party people'. Separation of 'couch potatoes' by the basis of the motivation for this way of life will provide some guidance on the possibility of domestic consumer groups. In this article, we briefly examined seven psychographic categories are very useful for use in segmenting the target audience. Later, these dichotomies will be discussed in more detail what will be devoted to individual publications. The purpose of this material was to give readers food for reflections on the versatility of consumer protection in terms of psychological characteristics of consumers. These features are almost invisible to the naked eye businessman, but they are often the central cause of violations of business plans and projections aligned. Psihografiya – this is the most complex and serious form of market research at the professional approach to detect very important implications for business.


The selection of these materials provides additional prefabricated buildings. Cabins-stolovyeGlavnoe in the construction of huts table – to provide the required number of dining places, so for the device, several metal block containers. Partitions between them understand, thus achieved the possibility of creating the necessary space area. Besides the main dining area in the office container-dining cuisine there, equipped with stove, oven, stoves and running water. It is also necessary to provide a few taps and at least one bathroom. Cabins, dining rooms are indispensable for the device-town cafes and canteens for the workers construction sites. One of the prerequisites was the placement of their air conditioning systems – to comfort the many visitors and the convenience of staff.

Wagon domVagon-house is a mobile building destined to live and work shift teams, crews, builders routes and railways. For the convenience of travel they are equipped with wheels in the summer or winter runners. In addition to the factory trim, the wagon-house have everything necessary for living and life – furniture, appliances, equipment for work. Depending on the purpose, issued a wagon-house for living, for the drying of work clothing, recreation and even for office work. Cabins cabins health care naznacheniyS appointment, we often encounter in the city and beyond: showers, bathrooms, locker rooms on the beach or in a sports club, medical aid stations. These indoor facilities, equipped with windows, doors, heating systems and water supply can be used at any time of year, regardless of the weather outside. Increased hygiene requirements and prolonged contact with water impose certain restrictions on the use of finishing materials inside cabins.

Typically for internal processing takes plastic or canvas, but for smaller baths and saunas use wood wall paneling impregnated with a special protective structures. Advantages of using ready-made huts bytovokPrimenenie appropriate in circumstances where the temporary buildings for living and working people, or when required rapid construction of facilities needed space. Easy installation and dismantling, the ability to install additional equipment makes the block-container objects indispensable sites, recreation areas, etc. Ease of construction and compactness of the factory packaging greatly simplifies the delivery of these facilities in places far from the city's roads and railways. In addition, when using the huts construction time reduced to a few dozen times. The use of pre-engineered modules eliminates the need for additional interior design, and it means that living and working in houses, offices, cafes could begin as soon as they installation on site. Wide range of sizes and a variety of configuration allows you to choose a block-container to be placed for any purpose. In addition to the standard huts manufacturers of this type of prefabricated structures offer production models of the size of the customer. And, of course, we should not forget that if you want the room can be arranged by installing two, three or more block-modules. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Covid Vaccine San Francisco has to say. Availability of special ladders allows build high-rise offices, shopping centers, dining rooms. The strength of the frame construction ensures durability, while the presence of insulation – the comfort of living and working. Along with the above advantages cabins and have another very important – a relatively low cost. Together, they enable a fast and inexpensive construction of the building desired area without preliminary site preparation. The use of block-containers makes it possible to keep pace with the times without losing it on a long construction of houses made of concrete or brick, promotes business and provides the necessary mobility of the buildings.