Karl Marx

For Weber, this reply it was in the characteristics of the protestant ethics, mainly of calvinista root. In accordance with the doctrine of Calvin, all the men are predestined by God for the salvation or the conviction. Only God, in its wisdom and perpetual goodness, knows and chooses who will be saved or not (doctrine of the daily pay-destination). Nothing of what the man to make for proper effort makes difference: everything depends on God. Although Gods to only possess this reply, the calvinistas believed that getting success in the work, God would be supplying the salvation to them. To save, not esbanjando money in dishonest or luxuriosas activities, only spending the necessary one. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Paula Rosenthal.

For Weber, this ethics of the work finished giving to support for an indispensable behavior for the origin it capitalism: the search of the profit, through the methodical and rational work. Exactly with thus gave credit increasing clarification, reason and chance human being, of advance of sciences and the arts, in short, a world of continuous material and moral progress. (P. e with these questions. 19). Click MessageMe to learn more. This ' ' paixo' ' for the work it did not leave to contaminate the workers who, exactly explored, had been shaped discipline to follow it and the control of the plants. As Hobsbawm observes (2000), the pleasure in the work was more common of what if it can think. ' ' The moral stigma against the moleza was and remained very great between these grupos.' ' (P. 405).

The moralizante speech and of critical to the idleness is present in the ironic poem cited for Thomson: ' ' Laziness, quiet assassin, more does not have my imprisoned mind me does not leave no hour with you more, sleep traidor' '. (E.P. Thompson, P. 282. In: DECCA, 1996, P. 16). The bourgeois ethics of the work that Weber analyzes, ignores the historical formation of the capitalism and the fight of classrooms that Karl Marx criticizes in its workmanship the Capital.

Chesnais Money

In the reality, the only moment where a salesman can gain money great vendendo an action is when the action is high excessively. you can bet its last one cent in the certainty of that the great shareholders do not go to proclaim this fact for the world (grifo, boldface and capital ours). He seems us, therefore, that fagulha initial of the idea that led to the sprouting of ' ' alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' it retraces, thus, at least, the decade of 1920. In other terms, the originary idea of ' ' alchemy of the centralization financeira' ' it would consist of raising e, later, to support the quotations of the actions in possible platforms nominally the most raised. In this manner, the objective of ' ' alchemists of the centralization financeira' ' he would be to keep the actions in possible the most raised nominal levels for a well long time, but still of form necessarily passenger, such way that such headings could duly be accumulated e, later, distributed. However, ours to see, the difficult was, and it will always be, the phase of distribution of the actions long ago accumulated. Therefore, the concept Stock exchange of the present time would not be very distant of one ' ' addition game zero' ' , as in elapsing to dester work we will go to support. Franois Chesnais (18) states our thought well above-named, as it is followed: We are ahead of a economic logic where the treasured money acquires, in virtue of mechanisms of the secondary market and the liquidity, the property ' ' miraculosa' ' of ' ' to generate filhotes' '. ' ' capitalism patrimonial' ' he is that one where the barren entesouramento, represented for ' ' foot-of-meia' ' , it yields place to the financial market endowed with the magical capacity to transform the money into a value that ' ' produz' '.

The Measure

Of the cantador artist to the small peasant passing for the militant partisan politician, all enxerga in the MST its ideal of fight, that is the movement is the reproduction of the fight of classrooms in Brazil and represents all the history of the ideological militancy politician of the country. Thus the movement arrives in the alias process in the life of people who try to survive with the law of the capitalism, but with another logic inside of the nestings the relations if establish of collective form. How the MST is a transforming agent of the Brazilian territory? The transformations in the Brazilian territory are continuous, many are agents of the changes, and the MST is an example of this. This comes trying to change the reality and for this she is necessary to understand the world, to analyze to modify and the movement donates without land looks for to make it. If you are not convinced, visit Mark Zuckerberg. The development of the capitalism of different form in asks for the growth of the people therefore separates, segregates in rich and poor, the detainers of the power and those that must work for the possessors of the means of production. This different form in the field has generated fights, and the nestings are a form to fight, to say not to the capitalism that segregate and humiliate the citizens, and the nestings change the space in the measure where in these transformations occur partner-espacias where new relations are lived deeply in this, either introducing new activities, either reacting to the productive process. We can say that without land they are desterritorializados individuals that find its identity in the movement and thus they try to cariar a new world where it has possibilities of inclusion for population giving them conditions to come back the land. The MST if return stop territorializao of the field, for the use of this.

The Situation

C' est ce that montre sans ambigut le comportement pass DES marchs. Pour l' essentiel, stratgie consists alors to arbitrer there les deux titres: vendre le titre dont le cours est lev, to acheter celui dont le cours est bas et attendre that l' cart of taux if rsorbe. Or, dans cette priode, contre toute attente, les craintes DES investisseurs ne faiblissent shovels et l' cart of taux ne ceases crotre! Ce qui tait inimaginable if produit. There position of LTCM est d' autant plus dlicate that ce fonds, comme tous les fonds spculatifs, opre principalement avec DES capitaux emprunts aux you bank. Il connat DES pertes et, dans le mme temps, les you demand of remboursement of ses cranciers commencent to if faire to feel. Vain cell le conduire to joins quasi-faillite.

Comme on le voit, there question du temps est ici primordiale: itself ce contrarian choue, c' est parce that le temps of retour to l' beaucoup balances normal t plus long that prvu. Albert Einstein has firm opinions on the matter. Toute spculation rate or russie est toujours joins question of ' timing'. Il faut to anticiper les croyances to venir du march, more ne shovels tre trop en advances. Itself LTCM avait pu attendre plus longtemps, il aurait russi sound I give birth, more, comme le disait Keynes, ' ' dans le long terme, nous sommes tous morts.' ' Pour reprendre le mot d' un professionnel; ' ' Les marchs peuvent to rester illogiques bien plus longtemps that nous ne sommes capables of rester solvables.' ' (grifo, boldface and capital ours). In summary, below, we disponibilizamos in Portuguese language, the part in prominence of the block above, as it is followed: …

Such anomaly cannot last much time. … Fica clearly that one is about an accident and that the situation must necessarily return one day or another one to the normal one. It is what it shows clearly the last behavior of the markets.

Parents Committee

The most commonly used form of the traditional parents' meetings – the performance with the class teacher followed by his answers to questions parents. You may find that vcu health can contribute to your knowledge. Content for the meeting can be gleaned from psychological – educational books, newspapers and magazines, to communicate with teachers – product photographer, children, parents and school administration. Make sure to agree in advance with experts who can help you conduct a meeting – teachers – product photographer, social worker, school psychologist, health care workers. Very well, if we can bring to preparation of meeting their parents. If the plans should address the parents must be at least in general terms, discuss the main points, the direction of speech. Having defined the topic, the form and content of the meeting, you must prepare vehicles – pictures, documents (eg, school diaries and journals, regulatory documents – the Charter Schools Rules of students).

It is important to also set the meeting time and prepare for the meeting room, taking care of its cleanliness, ventilation and provide opportunities for all participants. Information about time and place of the meeting should be conveyed to parents in advance – You can write it in the diaries of students in order to call fathers and mothers, whose presence is due to the discussed issue is very important to you. Not bad would happen if parents raspishutsya in diaries that familiar with the announcement of holding of the meeting, and if they can not come, then let warn in advance. Early notification will allow parents to adjust their plans for the evening and find time to attend parent meetings. Main speech at the meeting should not take much time – in the evening after work, most parents are unlikely to adequately perceive it. You must have a clear plan for the meeting – after the show to allow time for parents' questions, the discussion of other topics.

It is desirable for the antics of some students tell their parents on an individual basis (for example, in a conversation after the general meeting). That parents are good from the start school assistants, they should be actively involved in solving actual problems of teaching – teaching process, engage in joint activities with the children after school. Parents Committee, elected by parents meetings – an important support class teacher. Many of the questions the teacher will help to solve it the parents' committee members. At the meeting, after discussing organizational issues (food, financial – material aspects organizing extra-curricular activities, prepare for exams, prom, etc.) must immediately determine the extent and form of parental involvement in addressing these problems. The teacher should not forget that the parents' meeting on which is a personal meeting with the class teacher the parents of his charges – an important means of forming an opinion dads and mums on the school, teachers, and they trust their child. By the meeting should be carefully prepared, thoroughly thinking through its methodology and content.

Financial Market

It imagines that a set of average companies of a sector, for example, has contracts of supply with a great company, as Petrobra’s. The companies have a future prescription, given that they will give the services or they will deliver the products for the customer. They can transform this future prescription into money in the gift to finance its operations,> Is an instrument of financial engineering that helps pulverizar5 risk, says Alfredo Moraes, president of the Andima (National Association of the Institutions of the Financial Market). deep of recebveis is ideal for excellent companies who do not have rating, but that they possess a good wallet of customers, complete Fernando de Marsillac Sources, of the Petra Corretora.Ritmo of expansoEsse rhythm of growth of the debentures and the FIDCs does not have to continue so strong. Exactly because the movement already cause reaction of the banks, that do not want to lose customers in its operations> Some companies already had left to make operations that were being studied when they had received offers with attractive costs from the banks. competition between instruments, says the analyst, does not have to be seen as conflict. The types of operation traditional credit, emission of papers or entrance in deep of recebveis are complemented and each one is appropriate to a type and transport of company. But, more than to steal resources of other instruments of financing, the deep ones of recebveis had helped to expand the market of private debt, still anmico in Brazil. Who today is qualified to emit a debenture already has three years. This magnifying of the debt market also occurs on account of this new type of operation that the FIDCs allows If the investment not to answer, if the entrepreneurs not to believe that it is supported, come back to the old problem of the pass of offer, say Moraes.*Marcelo Rabbat are managing of the PR