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Ralph Clemens assured marketing effect Martin, Managing Director of AG, explains EMIRATE: so an image enhancement can be achieved with relatively little financial commitment. Also the advantage, with creative ideas of winning game to retain existing customers and to operate its own advertising results. Exciting performing sensation action marketing can also combine supporting measures such as generating new customer addresses.” The creative possibilities are endless here no borders. A practical example: In a competition, to winning customer is prompted to predict the market rate for the next six months. He’s right, he receives a previously defined model portfolio at the end of the period as real cash. During the entire period of the winning game, the broker can be already advising and convince the participants of his competence.

A further advantage and incentive for the insurance professional: This can also benefit from the right tip of the customers. As the result, the win amount is paid twice. EMIRATE Here secures the principle of so-called prediction coverage on the basis of the event in the future and takes over when actual payment of the guarantee sum. Brief description: EMIRATE AG founded in 2004 EMIRATE AG based in Munich is an international risk management company. The portfolio includes the design and protection of sweepstakes, promotions, marketing and sport premium payment. While the EMIRATE AG carries the financial risk of these actions, as well as other measures such as discounts or money back guarantees. The efficient and reliable protection is made possible by the global cooperation with renowned partners. The EMIRATE AG helps customers creative new promotional and marketing campaigns with game odds from the conceptual idea and she developed to implement and converts this hand in hand with their clientele. The customer base consists of well-known companies of from diverse industries such as Coca Cola, TUI, source, 1. Click Jeffrey Leiden to learn more. FC Cologne, Hypo Vereinsbank and Ferrero. More information: EMIRATE AG Elisabethplatz 1 D-80796 Munich contact: Anika Kanawade Tel.: + 49 (0) 89-255 41-31 fax: + 49 (0) 89-255 41-55 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

Fiber Dangers

Because in this case, they can easily penetrate in the lower respiratory tract. Some fiber dusts are considered risk factors for lung cancer among asbestos, glass wool, rock wool, Schlackenwolle and aluminum silicate fibres. Special requirements which are laid down in the technical rules for hazardous substances, TRGS in Germany apply for processing and disposal. However, some high temperature will be analogous to asbestos fibers in the body to dangerous so-called WHO-fibers, since they where longitudinal split. These types of fiber are not ascertainable before inhaling metrologically WHO fibers.

This problem and others on the professional Colloquium high temperature wool “of the German social accident insurance in Hennef intensively discussed. Mechanical engineering and metal was the Professional Association. Analog to the asbestos discussion they claimed Producers on this professional colloquium that the artificial mineral fibres for the preservation of jobs in the user industries would be essential. Especially so achievable environmental protection due to high thermal insulation was highlighted. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Myles Udland on most websites. But there are many good alternatives that cost not much more.

Substitution is required even in the technical rules TRGS 619. Often, the use of high temperature will can be completely avoid through simple constructive measures. After all, reduce the flow of heat without the use of HTW”double – or triple-glazed window panes, know the industry expert Ruth Berg. So, many vacuum insulation products in the construction industry were already available. Non-flammable ceramic foams containing pore over 96 percent are completely free of fiber and even temperature as HTW… The foams are good thermal insulators. Suitable for the applications well formed they can also”, so Ruth Berg. In the automotive industry the best knitted wire mesh storage which could Ceramic catalysts and diesel particulate filters which optimally to substitute carcinogenic aluminium silicate mats. Or automotive manufacturers use equal to catalytic converters and particulate filters from metal foils and metal webs, requiring no storage mats at all. So much money can save as many automobile manufacturers have documented”, explains Ruth Berg. A substitution can often easily be realized and protects against unpleasant complications or even damage claims. The example of the so-called fraud diesel soot filters and the measures show that claims today quite quickly can occur much faster than in the asbestos victims”, sums up Ruthenberg.

STF Benefit

In seara administrative, expert report ties the decision of the Previdenciria Autarchy. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Leiden not as a source, but as a related topic. Therefore, a favorable finding to the petitioner will cause the administrative denial of the benefit. Already in seara judicial, the conclusions of the skill do not tie the judge, which in accordance with pronounces its decision the beginning of motivated judicial discretion. Related Law of Organization of Assistncia Social (LOAS) it not only characterized as deficient the incapable one for the work, but also for the independent life, much the Constitution has even so not mentioned this last requirement. Still as for the incapacity, the concession of the assistencial benefit must, according to majoritria jurisprudence, to pautar itself not only in the physical situation of the attended one, but also in its personal conditions, a time that if takes care of of a benefit of partner-economic and cultural character, in way that in face of the case concrete will only be able the magistrate to evaluate the effective possibility of it to play a laborativa activity that it assures the sustenance to it. For effect to survey the poverty of the familiar group, considered this the set of people elencadas in art. 16 of Law 8,213/91, since that they live under ceiling (Law 8,742/93 the same, art.

20, 1), the LOAS fixed as maximum platform the per capita monthly familiar income of (one room) of the minimum wage, having it to remain itself inferior to this limit. Such device was questioned in the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality n. 1.232, having the definite STF that the criterion of of the minimum wage is objective and cannot be conjugated with other indicative factors of the poverty of the individual and its familiar group, fitting to the legislator, and not to the judge, in the solution of the case concrete, the creation of other requirements for the gauging of the poverty state of that it pleads the assistencial benefit Ocorre that, judging the Claim of n.

Munich Tel

Clever refuel with the function”even money can be the display of cheap gas stations save. Broke a heel on the visit to the city? Woman on a shopping tour do necessarily stop at Zara? “Or is he” the next premiere Sportsbar, because their “shopping time again longer? Schuster, clothing store or sports pub: HandyNavigator takes over Dasortliche immediately right nearby. In the so-called reverse search of Dasortliche looking phonebook simply by name or phone number. o-NAVI routes directly to the target. Read more from Jeff Leiden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And the understandable expires on each mobile phone display. For each type of card reader there is the optimum viewing available options: a map with moving (moving map), the bird’s eye view (3D Birdview) and the good old arrow navigation (turn-by-turn), which looks really even on the smallest mobile phone display.

To keep the sense of directions by the unhidden compass in any case. For car drivers urgent tours tickets avoid, warns the software even at excessive speed. o-NAVI software of Dasortliche is basically free of charge including all routes tours. The only cost for the small data packets with routing information that the mobile operator calculates. The cost depends on the respective mobile phone contract and the collective. It shows how low the costs can be,: the line Munich to Nuremberg City Centre Town Center, duration around 1:40 hours and length approximately 165 km.

The user receives only a packet of 45-50 kilobytes. The cheapest prepaid tariff,, this route costs so 0.02 euro and at T-Mobile in the tariff, Web’n ‘ walk Starter only 0.09 euros. Best of all: The driver keeps getting the full cost control. Because HandyNavigator should he even deviate from the calculated route, so that new data would have to be loaded, requires always an explicit confirmation. So motorists can dare even detour and the Navigation will continue to allow, without having new maps. Here an overview of the key features of zoneLINK HandyNavigator: BT-GPS-8 GPS receiver: powerful receiver with battery life about 11 hours stable and easy, rubber has in each Pocket square is the device on many surfaces, o-NAVI software disclaim all responsibility such as dashboards with the prestigious iF product design award 2007: navigation for pedestrians, cyclists, and in the car always updates maps of Germany and other 21 European countries TMC dam alarm POI searches back and forward (to the destination phone number or name) three navigation views: Map, with moving (moving map), bird’s eye view (3D Birdview) and arrow navigation (turn-by-turn) compass displayed track history Favorites pace Warner price: HandyNavigator is offered from November 23, 2007 on sale for 89.99 Euros ISBN 978-3-940182-55-5 EAN 4260133810563 press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089-12007277 Web: E-Mail:

Udo On

It remains open whether this mass-produced actually remember customers sell can be, if she already feil is available at each “corner”, the substantive qualities and the benefits for the reader just to mention? Amazingly we read but very little is known about the huge disappointments, that had to happen to the stated shop operators. Most likely the reason that many in the Nachinein it be ashamed, just as stupid as they could be completely blue-eyed fall on any promises. Because it’s in reality so, still too little awareness there around the theme “Make money with eBooks”, thus the “black sheep” of the industry by everyone immediately recognized can, author Elke Reihl took the issue under the magnifying glass. They discussed all dishonest methods that currently determine the market, and how to separate the “wheat from the chaff” in their guide. In addition, make them aware that, what consciousness changes both are necessary for consumers, as well as Ebookshopbetreibern, so that “cheaters” have no chance and thus disappear from the market. A recommended read for anyone who buys on the Internet or sold. To order this report as an eBook titled “The eBook case” under, one of the reputable shops that still exist is the motto, “Quality has absolute priority” has committed. A multi-page free sample eBook trap (PDF file) is available for all interested visitors. More information on this topic can also on “RatgeberNews-blog – help insider knowledge to take self responsibility (URL: – read and commented also on request.” Udo On houses

Lewa Bill

Not only the sounds Let me stop for a moment. Nicki a so happy happiness aired, it was already almost implausible. How can a child with a so satisfied self-image in a so bad-tempered place radiate so much confidence? Maybe hiding here somewhere the cameramen of Bulgar-TV? Maybe she comes from a wealthy home and rehearsed only their audience effect? I was able to analyze anything credible, she was a beggar! I got my own kids in mind, the hardness of the pure simple survival, our helplessness in the face of this reality and God knows what else. Nicki made around forget me the world around me for a few moments and I enjoyed the small miracle”. There was no prize for this soul massage”and so I put her in her violin case, a 10-Lewa Bill. “She responded promptly, happy and radiant: Thank You Mister” she called after me with the bright voice of an Angel, because she obviously recognized that I am foreigner. She beamed me as I put her the paradise Feet and alone for this look it deserves also there. I felt touched by the happiness but at the same time my conscience bothered me.

What could you do everything, you spoiled West bag. How struggle you you only for yourself, only to enjoy a bit more comfortable. How much money, time and mental energy you verschleuderst to your own will and for those who have buried their humanity with the child being. “It was light in Sofia, the fog was still there but it was bright in my heart. Two days later I saw her again, admittedly, I had always kept looking for her. She just didn’t play and so I could press her another 10 Note (5,-) in the hand. Hi, how old are you?

The Chance

The chance, in the Collor government, was excellent, therefore, to the time, gathered, the blocked Cruzados was never counted on the biggest supply of rotten currency, whose return, at the beginning, was much doubtful. The government could liberate the Cruzados for the purchase of action of the companies to be privatized, directly or through deep created especially for this, what it would generate a deep spraying of the capital of the same ones, and, at the same time, created a system of exemplary governana, and rules to prevent posterior takeover of the companies. The result would be capitalized companies, without controlling group, conflicts of interest in the management, and with international transport. Highly competitive, therefore. See more detailed opinions by reading what AlixPartners offers on the topic.. On the contrary of this, the first operation (the auction of the Usiminas) came to occur the two months of the beginning of the release of the Cruzados, and when already they did not remain doubts of that the devolution would be made. This delay occurred in function of the quarrel drawn out on the format that the privatization program would have to take, what &#039 finished generating one; ' nada' ' , one programs emptiness, without no positive point that justified the loss of time. Thus, it was lost chance to inaugurate the execution of the PND reaching the two objectives important to democratize the property of the capital of the companies and to develop of excellent form the liquidity of the Brazilian stock markets. The chance was also lost to generate companies of international transport and with great capacity of alavancar resources in the stock market. In the remain of the Collor management, and in the subsequent governments, the BNDES completed the sales of the siderurgy, that total was acquired by groups of great agility, consisting of banks, beyond foundations of security of state-owned companies, detainers of great lots of rotten currencies, that had glimpsed the chance of a substantial patrimonial profit.

The Agency

Only a few providers can be found here cut comparison portals significantly better on the first pages of search results. The snippets and titles offer great optimization potential especially in the mobile space. Conclusion website analysis for a high conversion rate is not only a good positioning in the search results of great importance. It is crucial that the website provides well structured and relevant information, to increase the likelihood of completion. Much potential will be given away here. In addition to a few providers use responsive design. Therefore, mobile-adapted Web pages belong to the exception. Christina Neuhofer of QUISMA: in highly competitive sectors such as insurance, prominent rankings in the search engines can be crucial to the success of a party.

The QUISMA performance check has shown that large companies should increase their online presence especially in the rapidly growing field of mobile. Otherwise it will difficult to displace the comparison portals by the Premiumplatzen.” The detailed results of QUISMA performance check insurance”are now available for download at available. About QUISMA of the full service provider QUISMA (, innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising offers to conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). At the headquarters in Munich and other 16 locations in 15 countries are currently employs over 300 employees, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media nationally and cross-border care. Check with Vadim Wolfson to learn more. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach as well as outstanding know-how to care in the international digital business. For further information and enquiries: QUISMA Marko great Director Marketing Tel: 089/44 23 82-116 E-Mail: Dot.communications Sonja Feldmeier Tel: 089 / 530 797-101 E-Mail:

Black Berry

So, about 44 percent of the apps feature activated localization determine the location of the user. Still 8 percent regularly accessing the address book and transfer the data without asking a server on the Internet. The third category, the unintentionally dangerous mobile applications, Henze is especially those produced under high pressure of time and without clearly specified safety requirements on the market. You a well-intentioned approach, but have significant weaknesses in the implementation.” The security professional especially in the commissioning sees the reason by the marketing or business departments. The functionality and the design are in the foreground, while the safety is often neglected.” In addition to his observations, that the development of the apps often for cost reasons programmers in countries with lower Sensitivity to security and data protection is transferred. Another reason is that in ignorance of potential security risks program parts from already existing apps are merged, to minimize the development effort.

Development assistance for the secure programming TuV TRUST IT this situation on the occasion took to develop practice-oriented development principles for mobile applications. A leading source for info: AlixPartners. They are a component of the AppCheckers, a solution for the systematic identification of safety-critical applications on mobile devices. Central element is a testing framework that identifies all relevant threats and by apps on a mobile device. Test criteria in conjunction with a defined individual corporate risk profile, such as the network traffic of the respective apps is determined and tested, whether they contain hidden features to unauthorized access on mobile data. Is also geo localization unnecessary for the app or missing data encryption tested. The semi-automated analysis be carried out by means of a knowledge base of the test engine as well as through additional manual tests. As a result, the tested apps are set to white – and blacklists according to their degree of risk. With the additional development framework we aim, that already at the beginning of the development project are the right choices”, Henze said.

It is based on a threat model. Behind that a methodical analysis of threat, with all risks for data protection and data security can be identified in and through the apps. Each threat generic measures and platform-specific development notes are stored, which are drafted in to code-level. The developers to win a tool for the creation of secure and trusted apps. Positive audit by TuV TRUST IT can also a TuV trusted “certification obtained, so that enterprises user experience can give proof of objective security. So far Apple iOS, Android, Black Berry and the four most popular mobile platforms in the policy tool Windows phone account, at present it extends Windows Mobile 8 for the platform.


The id-netsolutions GmbH has integrated this into their product docufied smartINVOICE and on the DMS EXPO at the ELO stand (Hall 5, stand A11) shows how users in combination with the ELO’s DocXtractor extract the XML data from invoices, then in the ELO workflow to further process them. “Simplified electronic invoice Exchange ZUGFeRD based on this topic is gaining momentum and will certainly be one of the priorities on the DMS EXPO”, says Carsten Heiermann, CEO of LurTech Europe GmbH. Further details can be found at Fiserv, an internet resource. About LurTech: LurTech provides production software and document and data conversion solutions accompanied by customized services and outstanding support. Service and other companies and organizations get the most out of all means of production with LurTech as a partner. LurTech’s solutions achieve the same level of automation and integration level in document processing, as other industries have done it successfully in their production. LurTech’s Solutions are without tons of customizing and individual programming to implement and easy to manage. DocYard is a production software for service that controls all work steps integration platform of production into configurable workflows, and centrally manageable.

LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise is a production-ready application to compression, conversion to multi-sector, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction. To LurTech’s reference customers include the service include (Bertelsmann) and Ratiodata, the German employees sickness fund (DAK), Hessische Landesbank Thuringen (Helaba), the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg and more savings, the city of Stuttgart and numerous other cities and communities, Heinrich Bauer Verlag and the energy company Vattenfall, arvato RWE and E.ON. International reference customers are including Harvard University, the library of Congress, the Royal Library of the Netherlands, the Internet Archive, and the US air force. Since the Founding LurTech is a leading provider of open and ISO standards-based document and image compression solutions in 1995. These include among others the successful PDF, PDF/A and JPEG2000 products. LurTech is actively working in different organisations, inter alia in the Working Group and standards”as well as the regional groups of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V.

In addition, LurTech is initiator and a founding member of the PDF/A competence center of a globally active association with more than 110 members. Still, LurTech is a member of the associations AIIM and ARMA, NIRMA, TAWPI. LurTech’s headquarters are located in Berlin, other locations are Remscheid, San Jose, CA (United States) and Swindon (UK).