B2Bnet Makes Mars Mobile

Mars, a strong brand opts for B2Bnet. Mars, a strong brand opts for B2Bnet. Since the beginning of May 2010, the incoming fax orders through the service “Fax-to-EDI” by B2Bnet be realized. MARS, this is the candy bar, you know almost everywhere: frothy candy cream, a thin layer of caramel, all wrapped in crunchy chocolate. But Mars Switzerland Ltd stands for much more branded products as its world-famous candy bar, which gave the name to the company. Since the 1940s the chocolate products sold in the Switzerland MARS, MILKY WAY and TREETS, which made in England. Shortly thereafter, in 1959 UNCLE brought flywheel in the Swiss rice market BEN’S properly and at the beginning of the sixties the market of of area of pet was revolutionized by developed the first industrially produced food for pet animals, which at that time was almost unknown in the Switzerland.

Brands such as WHISKAS and PAL (PEDIGREE ) immediately took the leading role in the Swiss market. The three Product group snack food, food and PetCare were now successful and whose demand increased steadily, which meant that the Swiss sales company Mars Switzerland Ltd (at that time under the name Effems AG) with registered office in Zug was founded in 1967. Today around 120 employees generate a turnover of 300 million francs, 50% from PetCare, 38% from snackfood and 12% with food products. Mars Switzerland Ltd uses the managed service fax-to-EDI since early May 2010 within its business process customer orders”from B2Bnet. Fax-to-EDI by B2Bnet is a service of information from structured fax documents are read out and transformed into a custom data format (E.g. SAP/IDoc, ASCII etc.) and provided for further processing in the ERP systems. The result is thus a seamless interface by the fax of sender in the ERP system of the recipient. Specifically, this process at Mars Switzerland with B2Bnet is as follows: Mars Switzerland Ltd receives from all branches of a major customer in the PetCare area orders by fax, which is automatically forwarded to B2Bnet.

Wildcard Communications Increasingly Management

IRA rad is Chief Marketing Officer and head of social media and digital-relations unit of the Krefeld-based communications agency in Krefeld, may 10, 2010 wildcard communications, Agency for Public Relations and marketing communications, expanding the management team: since may, IRA rad as Chief Marketing Officer and co-managing director reinforced the Krefeld-based communication experts. As head of social media and digital-relations unit, it is responsible for the development and implementation of integrated communication campaigns with a focus on Web 2.0 communication. The consulting portfolio and range of services in the social media market will be further expanded with our own productions. Relations, marketing, and public relations include among other things besides tailor-made newsrooms and blogs, future training, in-house seminars, strategy workshops and team-coaching around the areas of social media, digital. After five years as head of PR and social media managers at simyo, a pioneer of the new mobile generation, placing their career in the now Self-employment continued. Prior to simyo she worked in for already 13 years senior positions at the leading international PR agencies, komm.passion, text 100 and extra PR. To read more click here: Jonah Bloom.

“More information obtained at: wildcard communications IRA Reckenthaler Chief Marketing Officer Sanjay str. 129 47798 Krefeld t: +49-(0) 2151-65 35 444 F: +49-(0) 2151-65 35 445 mobile: +49-(0) 178 166 52 73 E-mail: website: about wildcard communications the term wildcard” originates from the science and is unlikely, rather surprising events that often a far-reaching, have a sustainable effect. The use of the wildcard”stands for surprising ideas, creative lateral thinking, and strategic consulting. Public Relations and marketing communications agency of the integrated guideline communication by wildcard communications. Business objectives, positioning, and idea are the focus. Only in the second step, the choice of instruments takes place. wildcard communications developed comprehensive communications and social media concepts for national and international tasks and guarantees individual, innovative approaches. Because behind each wildcard”opens the reality of a vastly different future or a completely different scenario.

Paessler Extends Support Offerings

Advanced customer service as an essential component of a network monitoring solution, Nuremberg, 11 May 2010 Paessler AG has their customer support to a new, interactive online knowledge base. Thus, it provides its customers a knowledge platform available, which goes far beyond the pure product service and provides information and tips for the optimal monitoring of networks. Network monitoring software ensures the trouble-free operation of the everyday business processes and making it one of the mission-critical components of each company’s IT landscape. To ensure of optimal performance and reliability, a comprehensive and high-quality range of support by the manufacturer is essential. Find clients and partners in the new Paessler knowledge base (www.paessler.com/ knowledgebase) quickly appropriate answers to questions about the usage of the network monitoring software PRTG network monitor, as well as tips and information for network monitoring in General. The Web platform is targeted as a combination of technical “Knowledge transfer and an interactive user forum has been developed and uses Web 2.0 features such as E.g. Filed under: Nouriel Roubini. a tag cloud”. Due to diverse opportunities for interaction and a permanent care through the Paessler support team, the knowledge base is not a static construct, but an active and growing library and PRTG network monitoring in General.

Many details of that offer real added value to the user and interested there are”, explains Daniel Zobel, Director technical documentation at Paessler. Especially the positive reception of our clients and users, who from the outset actively participated with own contributions we are pleased.” Interactive exchange of know-how in addition to the offer of a quick, 24 hours accessible self-service support for all users the Paessler knowledge base so also acts as interactive community. Restaurant Michael Schwartz has plenty of information regarding this issue. User can ask not only questions and find information, but are also an active member. Where is the common exchange of experience and information at the Center. PRTG user pass on their knowledge to others by answering questions.