Joy Body Family

'We love the flesh, and taste it, and color, and the stifling scent of mortal flesh …' A. Block 'Scythians' Life for the welfare of the flesh – that is the reality for billions of people around the world. People are born and die under the banner of the flesh. They seem to have embarked on the allowance for a certain system of values, vital reference and principles that can be reduced to one – the pleasures of his stomach. Nouriel Roubini is a great source of information. The body has a need for all pleasures of the world: food, sex, family, money, honor, power and knowledge. If the body has great food, it fills itself with it. Sex – too very important, but the family – not so.

And if the body is rich, – respect him, but still has the power – fear. For even more details, read what Jim Rogers says on the issue. If the body is well-known – say about him. And access to such a body is severely restricted. In general, the body has something to enjoy in life. This 'Winning the flesh' declared itself the owner, the guarantor of happiness and tasted all the delights of comfort, a comfortable and independent living in a circle of happy and satisfied faces of family and friends! Intoxicated with joy of bodily pleasures and business savvy crowd eagerly shows and spreads happiness replete flesh, methods and techniques for professional exchange of things the rest of the money and well-being. We are working day and night, with a twinkle, optimism and enthusiasm to provide a great pile of consumer junk, surrounded by the body feels in the comfort and enjoyment.

Suspended Ceilings

The suspended ceiling has become an indispensable attribute of a modern apartment repairs. The small cost of materials for drywall construction and ease of installation makes it possible to home-grown handyman himself down to business. First of all, before the house master the task, to create a unique design and a unique ceiling, do not violate the general proportions of the room and fits perfectly into the overall interior design. Actually the ceiling and can be set the trend in the interior. Requires a ready-made plan for the interior or the field to follow fantasy. Need to carefully consider all the details to create appropriate ceiling construction, provision of furniture, need areas in the room, the same arrangement of sockets and switches, the need to install air conditioning and ventilation systems, all these and many other factors lead to the main parameters of plasterboard ceiling construction – dimensions. Defining stratification ceiling can be defined as the planned interior design, and ceiling height.

At low standard ceilings not much razverneshsya, ceiling, and so steals from five inches of height when you add the spotlights, the ceiling height drops already at least eight centimeters, and if you want to equip the ventilation system, then four inches, and even more have deleted from the total height of the room. When assembling the frame construction device and joints gypsum boards, many belt neglected materials, which reduce the vibration load on the skeleton during temperature fluctuations, but in vain, sometimes it leads to ‘loud’ ceiling, when every sound or the sound will grow many times over. Other belt materials are equally important to strengthen the joints of drywall sheets, improper joint arrangement is the rapid cracking of the surface layer of putty and lead to the appearance of unsightly cracks in the ceiling.

Pretty Skin

Moreover, the author also appealed to the language figures, the example of the comparisons, that it uses in such a way to awake imaginary the infantile one, as to emphasize characteristics of the girl (eyes, hair and skin). We perceive this in the following part: (…) The eyes of it seemed two black olives (…). The hair were enroladinhos and well black, made lints of the night. The skin was dark and well bright, that nor for the one of the black panther (…) (AXE, 2005, P. Rogers Holdings has many thoughts on the issue.

02). Ana Maria also uses of the resource of the repetition to stand out the desire of the rabbit in being of the color of the girl, and to detach the creativity of the small one, that exactly not knowing what to answer goes inventing answers for the rabbit, that repeated times questions: Pretty girl of the ribbon bow, which is your secret pra to be so prehad? (AXE, 2005). In short, we verify, through the game text X images that the writer goes marking in this its workmanship, the speeches that it defends, leaving to be transparent the message of that the color of the skin is resultant of the familiar descent, and that the beauty not to be in the being ‘ ‘ black color or branco’ ‘ , but yes in the essence of each citizen, that he deserves to be respected same with its differences. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES As we affirm in the introduction, this article if unchained from the comment of the speeches that are propagated in the workmanship pretty Girl of the ribbon bow. For in such a way, we analyze the data collected with intention to verify as the writer Ana Maria Axe constroi the relative speeches to the black conscience, the concept of beauty and the respect to differences, emphasizing as the contained lingusticas marks in its book materialize these speeches.